• Shock report: One-quarter of iPhone users switched from a Razr

    Flickr’d Several people on the “Internet” are making a big deal out of recently released numbers from J.D. Power and Associates that shows nearly one-quarter of Motorola Razr users switched to the iPhone. I don’t know what’s so surprising about that. If people had gotten the Razr in 2005, when it was popular (I swear, every two-bit jerk had one at my school; I… Read More

  • Oh My God, Yes: Cellphones Drop in Popularity for the First Time

    Hear that? It’s the sound of silence. (No, not that.) For the first time ever, people made less calls on their cellphones than the previous year. Researchers tagged folks who use pre-paid cellphones and found that they made 28.5 percent fewer calls than last year, the first time that’s happened in the ten years since they started keeping track. Possible reasons include people… Read More