• It's LOL over folks – Popjam finally deadpools

    [UK] That’s that for Popjam then. The site has put up definitive evidence that it’s all over, pictured. For those of you none the wiser, here’s the run-down. After a few months in stealth mode, Popjam launched in February 2009 as a ’social humour’ site with a the Twitteresque ‘friend/follow’ model of social networking. It was a kind of… Read More

  • Lessons From 10 Disappointing Euro Tech Stories Of 2009

    So it’s the end of 2009 and an appropiate time to take stock. We’re not going to bore you with a long analysis of the year. Suffice it to say that funding for Europen startup tech companies remains tight. And when VCs are running out of LPs to go to, you really know it is. The VC model is still finding its feet in a market where exits are still not that clear. For many companies… Read More

  • Popjam takes Twitter – applies LOLs

    Popjam is a new ‘social humour’ site which has launched using the Twitter ‘friend/follow’ model of social networking. If fact – but for the images of LOLcats and videos – it is so similar to Twitter in appearance and operation that it could be mistaken for a pure Twitter clone. But what we have here is a kind of Twitter-meets-Digg-meets-jokes. Unlike niche… Read More