Microsoft Popfly Gets Squashed

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/popfly-logo-215x121.png" width="215" height="121" /><a href="http://microsoft.com">Microsoft</a> has announced that in late August it will be

Microsoft Introduces Popfly For Games (In Silverlight)

When it comes to casual games online, they tend to be built in Adobe’s Flash (see Kongregate). But Microsoft wants people to start creating Web video games in its competing Silverlight. Today, i

Popfly: Sign of a Closer Microsoft-Yahoo Relationship?

Despite a frenzy of speculation earlier this month, Microsoft has not acquired Yahoo. However buried amongst numerous reports at the time was speculation that the two companies could form a stronger r

Microsoft Launches Popfly: Mashup App Creator Built On Silverlight

Microsoft will announce the private beta launch of Popfly this morning, a new Silverlight application that allows users to create mashups, widgets and other applications using a very cool and easy to