• Sony Pictures learns the hard way: You don't make friends with salad

    I love how this is controversial. Sony Pictures (creators of Spider-Man) chairman Michael Lynton has suggested that movie theaters offer healthy snacks in addition to their usual parade of garbage, and people have reacted with blind rage. How dare you tell me how to live my life, you pinko liberal communist! It’s like, really? What is so terrible about not covering your popcorn with… Read More

  • Hide your nasty popcorn habit from friends and family

    Oh man, here’s a thing that looks like a juke box but – BUT! – it’s actually a popcorn maker. Behold the future! Not only does it make popcorn, it makes movie theater style popcorn (yay!) using “healthy hot air” (awww). Why can’t they use hot, melty, buttery air mixed with gallons of oil? What about all the delicious trans-fat? If you’re into… Read More

  • VIDEO: Do it yourself USB popcorn popper

    http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/1477646/usb_popcorn_maker.swf If this video is legit and this apparatus can truly pop popcorn using the heat generated from a USB port, then I now have absolutely no reason to ever get up from my computer — another grand step forward in my quest to become the first man to burn less than 200 calories per day. via Metacafe [thanks for the tip, daa dee] Read More

  • The $30 device to replace all my cookware

    Man-dinga would you look at all them hot dogs? The 4-in-1 Hotdog Maker leverages the wonderment of technology to not only cook what appears to be at least a few days’ worth of nutritious hot dogs, but also popcorn and hard-boiled eggs to boot. It’s a hot dog maker, steamer, egg boiler and popcorn maker in one! No fat or oil is required, so it’s a healthier way to cook. Read More

  • Cretors' Popcorn Makers. Yup, We've Gone There.

    Now for something a little more off beat… (as if CG as a whole isn’t off beat as it is) Cretors’ popcorn makers! Yes, replicate all the annoyances of public movie theaters—full of noisy kids, sticky floors and sound systems less optimized than the ones you have at home—with an honest-to-goodness concession-style popcorn maker. Cretor has several models to choose… Read More