popcorn hour

  • New device coming from Syabas, the makers of Popcorn Hour, at CES '10

    Popcorn Hour is a great product and loved by many nerds. But that’s just it, the device is somewhat nerdy. Apparently the maker, Syabas, has another Internet-connected device coming and it will be shown off at CES 2010. While certain key points are missing right now like the price, availability, and hardware specs, what little info I do have makes this box sound promising indeed. Read More

  • Syabas unleashes the Popcorn C-200 settop box

    Yippee! Syabas’s newest Popcorn Hour was announced this morning, the Popcorn C-200. Building on the success of the Popcorn Hour A-110, the C-200 now supports Blu-ray playback, gigabit Ethernet and a more powerful and faster Sigma chip (SMP8643). Read More

  • Popcorn Hour, super-versatile media streamer, gets an update

    I had forgotten how impressive this little thing is. To be honest, I don’t see any reason to go with any other media box, AppleTV included. This thing costs less than two Benjamins and supports more formats and hardware out of the box than other media things can even dream of. If I owned a TV I’d definitely have one of these. Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that it’s… Read More

  • Popcorn Hour A-100 media streamer supports formats Apple TV won't touch

    [photopress:popcorna100.jpg,full,center] Well, someone was impressed by Popcorn Hour, an inexpensive ($180) networked media streamer that handles pretty much every kid tested, pirate approved codec/container, save for Ogg—Xvid, H.264, MPEG2 and MKV are all playable out of the box. Three cheers for MKV support, since that’s the preferred container for high-def movie rips these days. Read More