• Syabas Keeps The Popbox Alive With MLB.TV, MKV3D Support

    Remember the Popbox? It was supposed to usher in a new age of streaming along with the Boxee Box. But it didn’t. Early reviews were horrible, citing very laggy software and missing features like Netflix. The ‘box is around eight months old and Syabas is still developing for the platform. The company recently added MLB.TV and the added MKV3D support to the┬ápreviously-announced… Read More

  • The Popbox media stream starts shipping from Amazon

    There’s a looming battle on the horizon: The Syabas Popbox vs the Boxee Box. Both are fighting for living room dominance, but the Popbox has made the first move as it’s finally available directly from Amazon. Read More

  • Popbox becomes the first set-top box to support RealD 3D

    The Popbox, a low-cost media streamer and set-top box, now supports 3D. That’s the news. I know, it seems kind of minor compared with yesterday’s Google TV announcement, and I’m sure all the set-top box guys are having emergency meetings. But let’s just forget about that for now. This is Popbox’s day and we should celebrate. Read More

  • The Popbox SDK is now available ahead of its summer 2010 launch

    Popbox was one of the stars of CES ’10. It, along with the Boxee Box, will help even more consumers cut the cable cord and tear down the satellite dish by offering them legitimate alternative by binging Internet TV to the livingroom. Part of the appeal of the Popbox is the Popapps that allows developers to use the full capability of the device including playing back videos and music… Read More

  • Syabas' $130 Popbox video streamer, everyone

    Hello, beautiful. We knew Syabas had a new 1080p video streamer in the works, but not one that looks this fine. The Popbox seems to be a more consumer-friendly and non-nerdy Popcorn Hour with a totally reworked UI. Plus, it’s a whole lot less at only $130. Read More