• Poll Finds Tech-Savvy Users Prefer Smartwatches Over Glass Devices

    Poll Finds Tech-Savvy Users Prefer Smartwatches Over Glass Devices

    A fairly small poll of users on JessicaLessin.com found that, in general, users prefer smartwatches to smart glasses. While this is not definitive proof of any real preference – the sample size is far too small – it does allow us to see what the early adopter will be wearing next season. Read More

  • Google Earth Used To Fine People With Pools, Again

    Under the table pools might be the catalysts of the next technology revolution in government. During February’s Greek economic collapse, the normally technophobic Greek government used Google Maps and Google Earth to find people who had craftily evaded taxes by failing to declare a pool. Read More

  • Solar pool cleaner works all day long, won't come between you and your wife

    Apparently this whole “solar power” thing really works. Case in point, this Solar-Breeze apparatus uses solar power to clean your pool all day long and, aside from keeping your pool clean, it cuts down on the amount of time your pool’s pump has to be running since it grabs gunk and leaves before they get sink to the bottom and get sucked into the grate. Read More

  • This wireless speaker, it floats!

    If you have a swimming pool then you, my friend, need this little waterproof floating wireless speaker that looks like the thing that pops up out of the muck in the trash compactor in Star Wars. This one doesn’t have a cool robotic eye, though, just “Rich sounding bass. Crisp treble. And no wires.” Read More

  • iRobot Plunges Into the Depths (of Your Backyard Pool)

    The crew at iRobot continues to broach into new territories for its household robotics. Now these little automated pool cleaners aren’t anything groundbreaking (we had one way back in the early 90s), but perhaps iRobot manages to do it better, though I can’t envision how. Anyway, the iRobot Verro (that means “sweep” in Latin for those of you who took a useful… Read More