A beverage company bought — and shuttered — the Poncho weather app

They say you can’t predict the weather. Acquisitions are often the same way. If you had told me yesterday, for instance, that adorable weather app Poncho was about to be acquired and effectively shu

Poncho weather service picks up $2.4 million from Lightspeed Venture Partners

Poncho, the betaworks-backed weather service, has raised $2.4 million in seed funding led by Lightspeed Ventures. Poncho launched out of betaworks the same year as Giphy and Dots, and uses SMS and ema

Can AI dominate the web industry and other domains?

2016 has been quite a ride for the players in AI, NLP and ML technologies. From the famous advent of Microsoft Tay at the end of Q1 to the numerous acquisitions of AI and chatbot companies during the

Poncho Launches An Alarm App So You Can Wake Up To Weather Forecasts

Poncho, the text/email-based weather service with personality, has today launched an iOS app that acts as an alarm clock to wake you up. Poncho launched out of betaworks in 2013 with a very simple pre

Notifications Summit: Session 6

Services as the second instance: Demos: XoXco with Ben Brown Poncho with James Cooper How web services are using contextual data to drive relevant notifications: Robert Scoble (Futurist, Sc

Betaworks-Backed Weather Service, Poncho, Heads To Chicago

At the start of every day, most people check the weather. They go to the weather app on their phone, or open up weather.com, or perhaps they lick their finger and stick it out the window. I, however,

Betaworks’ Refreshing Weather Email Service Poncho Launches Discount Campaign With Duane Reade

Poncho, an email app out of betaworks, is my favorite little weather service. With a quippy email each morning, I’m always prepared for sun, snow or showers. The only caveat: In almost a year of

Poncho, For Those Who Can’t Be Bothered To Open A Weather App

Long before the era of iPads and Snapchats and holographic Tupacs, some of the greatest minds in tech and science spent their life trying to understand weather patterns. Since, we’ve evolved to