Patreon Makes Space To Create | TC Cribs

In today’s episode of Cribs, we visit Patreon, a subscription-based funding platform for artists. Patreon is all about creative. Giant murals deck the walls alongside the productions of writers and

Watch A Drone Fall In Love In Pomplamoose’s New Video

Friends of TC, Pomplamoose, just posted a new video that features a lady, a drone and a single rose. The song, Madonna's Like A Prayer redone in a decidedly jaunty style, is great but the video storyl

Pomplamoose Details The Cost Of Being An Indie Band

In a surprising display of transparency, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn aka Pomplamoose detailed what it took to run a 28-city tour of the US. The bottom line? The band made $135,983 in income… and

Keen On… Pomplamoose: How Nataly And Jack Are Reinventing The Music Business (TCTV)

So maybe there really is a sensible middle ground in the music business - somewhere between David Lowery's <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/02/16/keen-on-david-lowery-how-the-internet-is-shafting-