• Virtual Styling Community Polyvore Debuts Analytics Tool For Fashion Designers

    Polyvore, the startup lets web shoppers pull their favorite items any online store and mix and match to create personalized outfits online, is debuting a new analytics tool. Style Analytics provides retailers with metrics about their brand’s perception on the site. The Style Analytics tool will rank brands on Polyvore based on engagement level with their clothing and accessories. The… Read More

  • Jonathan Trevor, Builder Of Yahoo Pipes And YQL, Leaves For Polyvore

    Another engineering star is leaving Yahoo, we’ve confirmed: Jonathan Trevor is moving on to Polyvore, a visual shopping search engine. Trevor, along with Daniel Raffel and Pasha Sadri, were the core product and engineering team behind the Pipes product, and Trevor also built YQL. Polyvore was founded in late 2007 and has raised just over $8 million from Benchmark Capital, Matrix… Read More

  • Polyvore's Virtual Styling Tool Aims To Be More Social With Facebook Connect

    As “Fashion 2.0” sites continue to innovate, the social component of these style-focused sites becomes an important tool for viral growth. Weardrobe, a site focused on capturing and sharing the street style of web users, was recently acquired by Like.com And we’ve written about Polyvore, the startup lets web shoppers pull their favorite items any online store and mix and match… Read More

  • Polyvore Looks Stylin' In This New $5.6 Million Round Of Funding

    In a world where print media is collapsing, it would seem that fashion magazines could easily make a case for why they’ll still exist in the future. As great as their content may or may not be, a large part of their success is about seeing the pictures of the hot new fashions. But there’s an online site that arguably does that better too, Polyvore. And they just got a big bag of… Read More

  • Polyvore To Tempt Fashionistas To Create, Then Spend

    Polyvore, founded by ex-Yahoo’er Pasha Sadri (he created Yahoo Pipes) will appeal to the fashionistas out there in the world. Users install a bookmarklet and grab images from around the web (see demo here) – this part is very similar to what Kaboodle, recently acquired by Hearst, does. They then take those images, plus any images others have uploaded, and create… Read More