• BotFactory raises $1.3 million to help you build circuit boards on your desktop

    BotFactory raises $1.3 million to help you build circuit boards on your desktop

    Fabricating a circuit board isn’t tough but it takes a while. The back and forth, the bugs, and all of the shipping costs can turn a small project into a big problem. That’s why Botfactory raised $1.3 million to stick a PCB printer on your desk. Founded by NYU grad students Nicolas Vansnick and Carlos Ospina along with NYU professor Michael Knox, BotFactory came about when Vansnick… Read More

  • This team has built adorable tiny backpacks for pigeons to track air pollution

    This team has built adorable tiny backpacks for pigeons to track air pollution

    It’s time to take wearable devices to the next level. Plume Labs and DigitasLBi have teamed up for an interesting experiment. What if pigeons could fly around London with tiny backpacks to measure air pollution during peak hours? I’m not sure if they were drunk when they thought about this idea, but 10 pigeons are currently flying above London for the next 3 days to do just that. Read More

  • Big Win For Uber In London As Regulator Drops Major Rule Changes

    Big Win For Uber In London As Regulator Drops Major Rule Changes

    London’s transport regulator TfL has concluded a review of a public consultation into changes to the rules for private hire vehicles, dropping a raft of measures that would have substantially impacted ride-hailing app Uber. Read More

  • An Investment Opportunity In Trash Crunch Network

    An Investment Opportunity In Trash

    As incredible as it might seem, processing trash may represent a future unique investment opportunity. Consider the new technologies that will operate on the micro scale, breaking the bonds of molecules through bio-mechanical means, which could be applied to recycling trash completely. It is quite possible that many of these innovations may emerge from our efforts to explore and live in space. Read More

  • Video: Captain Planet Would Be Proud Of The T-Shirt That Detects Pollution

    Very clever, this. It’s a t-shirt that “detects” pollution by way of changing color when it comes into contact with high carbon monoxide levels. It was designed by two NYU graduate students, who are now famous forever. Read More

  • Dutch concrete cleans the air — just the air

    A study in the small Dutch town of Hengelo is conducting field research by the University of Twente to determine if a new type of concrete can reduce acid rain. Concrete paving stones are laced with photosensitive titanium dioxide. When used to pave highways, the additive reacts with sunlight and the nitrogen oxide particles emitted by car exhaust, thereby forming nitrates. The testing is… Read More

  • Dell carbon-neutral, let's all give them a hand

    How nice! It’s a good day for corporate responsibility. Dell has achieved its goal of carbon neutrality that it set several years ago. And several months early, to boot! It’s corporate responsibility gone wild! By a combination of company-wide energy efficiency policy, investments in renewable energy, and work with various environmental and conservation groups, they say… Read More

  • USB-powered ionizer fan is perfect for polluted desks

    Is your cubicle located on top of a pile of garbage? If so, you might want this USB-powered air purifier. The product’s manufacturer, Brando, says “We are surrounded by polluted air every day. Wherever you may be, you will be breathing in the nasty polluted air.” Gee, that’s inspiring. So what should I do, Brando? Got any bright ideas? “This USB Ionizer Fan… Read More

  • Guiyu, e-waste capital of China

    Photos like these (check out the accompanying multimedia presentation) make me rethink my entire career as tech journalist. This is a mess. In Guiyu, China, the electronics recycling industry has destroyed the ground water and lead poisoning is effecting young children due to the overall mess created by this lucrative sweatshop industry. Money is money, however, and we should start talking… Read More

  • The Bill of Lights: Maunfacturers Need to Stop Putting Useless Lights Everywhere

    It was the blinking of the hideous lights! Computerworld’s Mike Elgan is angry at gadget manufacturers who put silly, useless lights all over today’s gadgets. Computer monitors have lights to tell you they’re on; routers and modems blink incessantly whenever they’re plugged in; BlackBerrys and other cellphone blink seemingly whenever they feel like it. Enough! In… Read More

  • Apple Fined Over Air Quality Violation

    Apple is no stranger to fines and lawsuits, but the latest is a bit out of left-field. Back in April of 2006, Apple’s Elk Grove facility was using their backup generator for non-emergency use. Not just for a few hours mind you, but almost a whole week. As a result, Jobs & Co. will cough up $43,200 in fines as part of a settlement between Apple and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air… Read More