• Polaroid Angling For More Retail Exposure With 10+ Fotobar Stores In 2013

    Polaroid Angling For More Retail Exposure With 10+ Fotobar Stores In 2013

    Polaroid is expected to unveil one more step in its comeback strategy with an Android-powered, interchangeable-lens camera this year at the CES show, and to complement that, it plans to launch “at least” 10 new Fotobar retail stores this year to help people print pictures from any device. The first of these will be in San Francisco, opening in February. Read More

  • Polaroid’s Android-Based Mirrorless Camera Supposedly Leaked

    Polaroid’s Android-Based Mirrorless Camera Supposedly Leaked

    Is this a new Polaroid camera? That’s what Photorumors is reporting, backed up by a leak from Russian social networking site VK. The camera is a mirrorless interchangeable lens system, which marks a considerable departure from the company’s flagship instant film-based models, which were finally discontinued a few years back. Polaroid has actually run into a couple different… Read More

  • Restored Polaroid SX70s, With Designer Accents – For A Price

    Restored Polaroid SX70s, With Designer Accents – For A Price

    An original Polaroid SX70 camera would be a dream for many an analog photography lover. But not only are they difficult to find in good condidion, they’re also maddeningly expensive when they show up. Today is no exception, but they’re rare enough that to find 50 restored cameras ready for sale is an event worth shouting from the rooftops. These SX70s have been restored by The… Read More

  • Review: Polaroid GL10 Instant Photo Printer

    Review: Polaroid GL10 Instant Photo Printer

    Short version: A nice-looking device, and it works more or less as advertised, but the quality of the printing simply isn’t good enough. If you want instant photos, analog is still the way to go. Read More

  • Polaroid’s Z340 Isn’t Quite The Gaga-Inspired Beauty We Saw At CES

    Polaroid’s Z340 Isn’t Quite The Gaga-Inspired Beauty We Saw At CES

    Back at CES, we spent a long time waiting for Lady Gaga to show up (again) and introduce her new product line, a collaboration with Polaroid called Grey Label. The camera sunglasses and Bluetooth printer didn’t exactly blow our socks off, but the GL30 camera prototype sure did. It was beautiful. Of course, no matter how much I bugged Polaroid, I never got word one about availability or… Read More

  • Behind The Scenes At The Impossible Project's Resurrected Polaroid Facility

    Although we weep for the Polaroid of yesteryear, the world of instant film hasn’t just disappeared. As we’ve noted over the last couple years, Dutch company Impossible has taken it upon themselves to keep the old Polaroid film factory running — no small task. This little 10-minute documentary shows some of the process and a few of the people involved. Read More

  • An Ode To The Polaroid SX-70

    Good old Harry McKraken gives the Polaroid SX-70 – one of the most amazing instant cameras in the world – more than its due. Created in 1972, this Polaroid flattened down to a little over an inch in thickness and featured, as Harry notes: “The virtual cascade of revolutions, mechanical, optical and electronic, that made the SX-70 possible,” rhapsodized a Polaroid… Read More

  • Polaroid's New GL10 Instant Printer Is Available For Pre-Order, Ships In June

    While there’s no sign yet of the GL30 Polaroid camera introduced by Lady Gaga at CES, the GL10 printer is actually nearing a shipping date. This little printer connects to your computer or smartphone and produces 3×4″ prints in about 45 seconds. The paper is probably going to be super expensive, but hey. It costs $169 and the website says it should ship in June. We’ll… Read More

  • Oh Man, Polaroid Is Teasing A New Camera For CES

    I’m so pumped! Like many of my generation, I have a special place in my heart for Polaroid. Sure, you can get a weird bulbous one or a Diana F+ that shoots Instax Mini, or you can resuscitate your original and feed it expensive Impossible Project cartridges… but it looks like soon, none of these techniques will be necessary. A teaser image for this year’s CES appears to show… Read More

  • Fujifilm Instax mini50S Camera Goes After Polaroid Market Niche

    Fujifilm has released an alternative to the beloved Polaroid camera, and calls it the Instax mini50S. The good news is, the Instax film is cheaper than the reissued Polaroid, running about $16 for 20 shots. The bad news is, it’s only available in Japan (currently) and will cost you about $220 to import. Before you shell out for the latest from Fujifilm, don’t forget about the… Read More

  • Polaroid archive shows history of pictures

    Polaroid is one of those things that’s always been with us, and if some have their way, always will. I remember taking pictures at camp using the family OneStep, and I still have a shot of myself at my first job. Read More

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