• MIT develops a new technique to load webpages faster

    MIT develops a new technique to load webpages faster

    Webpage bloat is a growing problem. So no surprise techniques to speed page load times have often focused on data compression to try to shrink the number of milliseconds it takes for a website to heave into view. Read More

  • NYC's FinTech Innovation Lab Calling Tech Talent To Wall Street

    Big Apple business leaders are at it again—trying to make New York City as sweet a home as can be for tech startups, this time with a 12-week bootcamp-type program, called the FinTech Innovation Lab. The lab is geared for entrepreneurs with skills and concepts that could benefit Wall Street. According to a statement from the New York City Investment Fund, the U.S. financial services… Read More

  • Another Googler Turns VC – Jon Steinberg Joins Polaris Venture Partners As EIR

    Jon Steinberg, now former Strategic Partner Development Manager on Google’s SMB (Small Medium Business) Partnerships team, has accepted a position as Executive in Residence at Polaris Venture Partners. Steinberg will be working from the VC firm’s New York offices, where he’ll help identify new investment opportunities as well as working with existing portfolio… Read More

  • Video: The iida Polaris is a cool mix between robot and phone

    Japan is the nation of robots. Everybody knows that. It’s also the nation of cell phones. So why not mix robots and cell phones? That’s what the country’s second biggest mobile phone provider KDDI au thought and today presents the iida Polaris, a robotic cell phone [link in English], for the first time (click here for my iida concept photo report from April). Read More

  • The Toy Polaris Sub Revealed

    As a child of the early seventies, I grew up in a time between the scams on the Interwebs and scams on the backs of comic books. My parents were fairly savvy when it came to this kind of stuff, but on this one point they were dead wrong: the Polaris Sub, once available for a mere $6.98, kicked major ass. Look at this kid. Happy, submarining, just waiting for dirty commies to roll up on him. Read More