• Central European Investor MCI Takes Minority Stake In Polish Clothing E-Tailer Answear

    Central European Investor MCI Takes Minority Stake In Polish Clothing E-Tailer Answear

    Every market needs its own e-tailers and Poland is no exception. One of the major players in Central Europe is Answear.com, a Polish fashion e-tailer led by Krzysztof Bajołek, and it has just raised an undisclosed sum from MCI Management S.A., a CEE investor active in the area. Read More

  • The TechCrunch Warsaw Meetup Is Happening This Thursday

    The TechCrunch Warsaw Meetup Is Happening This Thursday

    After a week of boozing and schmoozing in the Balkans, we’ve decided to add one additional date to the CE itinerary: Warsaw on July 11. You can RSVP here and it will be held at Open Reaktor on Bohomolca 15, 01-613 Warsaw, Poland. It’s being hosted by Aula Polska, the AK74 blog, and Reaktor. Read More

  • Actors being paid to stand in iPhone lines in Poland

    Oh, Poland. Wireless provider Orange is paying actors in Poland to stand in line, waiting for the release of the iPhone 3G. Twenty stores around the country have know-nothing celebrities standing in line for the phone as part of a marketing campaign. Dumb, sure, by any standard, but it’s a poor reflection on Orange and/or Apple’s popularity in Poland. (Or maybe the Poles just… Read More

  • Poles do the darndest light shows

    Some Poles calling themselves Project Piwo have been creating huge animations using the windows of Soviet era bloks and the larger office buildings around Poland. In this video, they recreate the James Bond opening by flashing lights throughout the building. Next up: turning the Palac Kultury into a scathing commentary on post-Communist Polska by making it look like a mug of kompot. Read More

  • Polish DIY tractors

    Lookin’ for adventure/or a nice zapiekanka Ah, the industrious Pole. Like the paper wasp and the silkworm, Poles can create something out of nothing just by applying their hard won traditions of alcoholism and extreme privation. Here we have a selection of farm vehicles made from motorcycles and old Jeeps. I’ve never actually seen this in my Polar travels, but I’m sure… Read More

  • Police Raid Polish University Over P2P

    Piracy is on the rise at colleges and universities around the world, but one school in Poland must have taken it too far. On Wednesday, Police raided Koszalin University of Technology due to the massive amount of pirating going on. What they found was far beyond a kid’s homemade server. The feds seized a PC running DC++ hub software, 10 laptops, and 60 hard drives, which contained… Read More