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Pokémon GO gets its first Gen II Pokémon and a special limited edition Pikachu (with a Santa hat)

Pokémon GO players were expecting details about new Pokémon today… and sure enough, we just got them. Pokémon from the series’ second generation (“Johto”) are making their w

This is the new “Nearby” tracker in Pokemon Go

A new tracking system rolled out to Pokemon Go players tonight, but most people outside of San Francisco don't have it yet. Here's what it looks like in action.

Real trainers don’t Pokemon Go without a little Willow in their pocket

After a storied history making Poke balls, Saffron City tech firm Silph Company recently started trying its hand at software. Inspired by Pokemon Go’s popularity, its latest app Willow aims to h

Pokémon Go finally goes live in Japan with McDonald’s the first sponsored location

Pokémon Go has finally launched in Japan, the land where Pokémania first began. McDonalds is the game's first sponsor in a deal which, as we reported earlier this week, turns the fast food firm's 3,