Pokémon Go Plus wearable launch date pushed back to September

With Pokémon Go, delays are inevitable it seems. The game's much-hyped launch in Japan was subject to cancelations last week, many people across Asia still don't have the title -- including China --

Pokémon Go finally goes live in Japan with McDonald’s the first sponsored location

Pokémon Go has finally launched in Japan, the land where Pokémania first began. McDonalds is the game's first sponsor in a deal which, as we reported earlier this week, turns the fast food firm's 3,

Pokémon Go will launch in Japan tomorrow with game’s first sponsored location

Pokémon Go will finally launch in Japan tomorrow, with McDonalds set to become the game's first sponsored location.

Pokémon Go to go global ‘soon’ as hit game launches in three more countries

Pokémon Go is already a phenomenon that has captured the attention of millions and added billions to Nintendo's market cap, but it is limited to a handful of countries. There's good news for wannabe