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  • Fujifilm Unveils New Long-Zoom, Fixed Lens Bridge Cameras, New All-Weather Compacts At CES 2013

    Fujifilm Unveils New Long-Zoom, Fixed Lens Bridge Cameras, New All-Weather Compacts At CES 2013

    Fujifilm unveiled its new X-series of cameras, which admittedly made me tingle when I had some hands-on time, but they’re also showing off a bunch of new cameras aimed at more general audiences at CES this year. These include revisions of its rough-and-tumble all-weather line with the XP60, a variety of new “bridge” cameras (aka SLR gateway drugs), and the extremely… Read More

  • Two New Casio Point And Shoots For Your Enjoyment

    I feel like Casio has been coasting since they released the FC-100 and FS-10. That miniaturization of their famous high-speed imaging device was a serious boon to consumers, and to be honest, I still don’t see any reason to recommend another “vanilla” point and shoot over the FC-100. This pair of new ones doesn’t offer much except for small size, but let’s go… Read More

  • Eight "features" point and shoots need to lose

    Oh man, this guy totally read my mind. Although I shoot with a Rebel XSi so I don’t have to deal with this stuff on a regular basis, point and shoots are full of useless and/or legacy features that really ought to go. This list over at Photography Bay gets it right, and I’ve got a couple of my own. Read More

  • Nikon point-and-shoot releastravaganza!

    Sometimes… there are so many Nikons in the world, I feel like I can’t take it… and my wallet is just going to cave in. (Adapted from American Beauty) Nikon dropped a half dozen cameras on us today, so if you’re in the market for a new point-and-shoot, you’d best come on inside and see what we got. I reckon some are worth a gander. Read More

  • New (and expensive) Panasonic point-and-shoots: FX37 and LX3

    Such descriptive names! These two nice little cameras are just out and have the following characteristics:
    FX37: 10.1 megapixels, 25mm Leica lens, 5x optical zoom, optical image stabilization, “intelligent auto mode” which implies other auto modes are stupid but doesn’t seem to include any particularly revolutionary features other than the always handy face detection… Read More

  • General Imaging's GE point-and-shoots actually look pretty nice

    When I think GE, I think washer/dryer, I think fridge. Turns out this enormous company makes about everything under the sun that’s even remotely electronic. I’m a DSLR guy, but stuff like touchscreen LCDs and built-in GPS receptors could tempt even the most skeptical old-schooler. Here are the facts for the $250 E1050, for example:
    10 megapixels, 28mm equivalent lens, 5x optical… Read More