Need more Pogue in your life? The Pogue-o-matic should fix that

If you’ve ever wanted to have a tiny David Pogue on your desktop, advising you on the implications of sensor size or carrier choice, now is your chance. Somewhat less cute than a desktop pet but

Pogue on the Pulse Smartpen: He so funny!

This smartpen lets you take notes and record those notes for later perusal. You tap the ink and it plays back the audio recorded at that moment. David Pogue shows this quite handily and even harshes o

Pogue shares tech support humor; We share Pogue

[photopress:call_center.jpg,full,center] I had the misfortune of working tech support for a time, and I came away from the experience with the mindset that people should have to have some sort of lice

iMovie '08 Makes David Pogue Angry

Whoopsies. Looks like Apple’s brassed off the New York Times’ David Pogue. It seems that the iMovie program included in the new iLife suite is far less impressive than its predecessor, iMo

New Multi-Touchscreen Prototype Could be the Coolest Thing Ever

http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/607757611 I had eye surgery yesterday, so I guess my attention span is a bit shot. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been engulfed in vide