Video Ads: Every Startup Has A Different Solution

It may seem weird, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I see ads in my viral video. eMarketer expects online video advertising to nearly double in 2008 to $1.3 billion, but no one’

PodZinger Thinks It Can Solve Web Video Piracy With Search Algorithms

Nobody likes piracy. Well, we do, sure, but content providers aren’t as cool with it as we are. Enter PodZinger, a start-up whose main widget—true video search—could finally save You

Podzinger to listen for ad opportunities

Audio and video search engine Podzinger will launch a new advertising platform for podcasters and online video publishers tomorrow. The first write up was in ClickZ this evening. I think the strategy

Podzinger Launches, Moves Podcast Search Forward

Podzinger, which I wrote about briefly last month along with two other services, officially launched a couple of days ago. Podzinger is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts In my post last month, admitte