• Apple Patent For Customized Podcasts

    Apple filed a patent January 9 that describes a method for automatically creating customized podcast mashups from various podcasts. Here’s the Abstract on the Patent from Apple Improved techniques to facilitate generation, management and delivery of personalized media items for users are disclosed. Users are able to influence or control content within a media item being personalized. In… Read More

  • Podcasts Taking Off (Again): eMarketer

    Some interesting new figures have been released by eMarketer today that shows that podcasts are taking off in both traffic and revenue, and the outlook is even better again. The general view on podcasting is that it had been passed by as video became the hot vertical, particularly as earlier iPod’s gave way to new players that supported video as well as audio. These figures would… Read More

  • TeXtra's Natali Del Conte Leaves Podshow For CNET TV

    TeXtra, a tech news video show hosted by former TechCrunch writer Natali Del Conte, may be shutting down well shy of its first birthday this upcoming February 13. That’s because CNET has poached Natali away from Podshow, which owns TeXtra. Del Conte, pictured right, will be moving from San Francisco to New York and joining the CNET TV team with a new news show, she says. It won’t… Read More

  • Cable Ruling May Provide Opportunities For Google, Startups

    The FCC may move to open up access to cable television on the basis that the big cable companies are too dominant, according to the NY Times. The move would lower the cost of entry to new content providers and forcibly provide access where this has been denied previously. There is also the possibility that the FCC may force cable providers to unbundle channels, allowing consumers to pick… Read More

  • Loic Lemeur Building Video Twitter

    Former Six Apart Europe head and well known French Web 2.0 entrepreneur Loic Lemeur relocated to San Francisco recently to build a new startup, and thanks to Robert Scoble we now know what it is: “video Twitter.” Lemeur himself is documenting his startup every day on YouTube here. It’s not riveting content but listening to a non-American view on building a startup is… Read More

  • PodShow Available On TiVo

    Adam Curry’s Podshow will formally announce an alliance with TiVo next week that sees PodShow content becoming available to TiVo’s 10-12 million users in the United States. According to our source, the news is planned to be formally announced the day before the Podcast and New Media Expo to maximize Podshow’s coverage during the event. At this stage there is no word on the… Read More

  • DAG Ventures leads $15m more for Podshow

    It was just announced that DAG Ventures is leading a $15 million B round for Podshow. News got out yesterday and though the investors weren’t named until today, disbelief was the widespread reaction. DAG saw its investment in Grouper, which was presumably much smaller, pay off last month when the video sharing service was acquired by Sony for $65 million. The fund also participated in… Read More

  • Profile: PodShow

    Company: PodShow Location: Miami & New York Founded: 2004 (PodShow site launched March 2005)

    What is it? PodShow.com is part of a family of companies/shows under Boku Communications, which was founded in 2004 by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom.

    Boku Communications:
    Daily Source Code
    PodShow on Sirius Radio These companies each do different… Read More