pocket camcorder

  • Twin Video: pocket camera for the narcissist

    Ion Audio’s latest creation in a rather unique take on the pocket camcorder. The Twin Video has two cameras in it, allowing you to record not just what you are seeing, but what your reaction is to what you are seeing. I don’t really see the point behind having two cameras built in the device, other than for the “2 girls one cup” style reaction shots. Read More

  • Creative announces update to their Vado HD camcorder

    Creative just announced the 3rd generation of the Vado HD. If you remember correctly, Creative launched the original Vado HD back in December of last year, so it’s due for a refresh. Read More

  • Kodak Zx1: tiny, weather-resistant 720p for $150

    I’ve been using the Zi6, Kodak’s answer to the Mino and other pocketcams, since its release and other than pretty awful low-light performance, I’ve been really happy with it. So I’m happy to hear they’re releasing an upgraded version that looks cooler, probably performs better, and is weather-resistant to boot. Read More