• The iRiver P8 PMP Reminds Us That iRiver Is Still In Business

    Remember iRiver? Well, they’re still making PMPs. Their latest is the P8 with 5-inch touchscreen and a hotsexy interface with 800 x 480 resolution. It supports most major audio and video codecs and includes up to 16GB of memory, expandable to 32GB via microSD. Amazing? Probably not, but sexy enough. Read More

  • Glasses-less 3D MP3 Player For The Masses

    Want the 3D experience without the glasses and with the headache? You’re in luck. Brando is offering a $180 glasses-less 3D PMP that plays multiple file types and presumably plays naked-eye 3D video. Read More

  • Creative Releases The ZEN Style PMP

    Creative is offering their new PMPs, the ZEN M300. Price at $40 to $90 these tiny MP3/Video players have Bluetooth support and a micro-SD slot and FM radio. They come in 4, 8, and 16GB sizes and they come in black, white, red or yellow. The M100 is exactly the same but without Bluetooth. Creative has been doing great stuff in the speaker world recently, especially with their unique… Read More

  • Samsung Releases Handsome PMP, The Galaxy S WiFi

    This little device is basically a Galaxy S without the phone, something similar in spirit to the iPot Touch. It has a LCD screen and comes in two versions, the 4-inch and 5-inch. It has a MicroSD slot and Wi-Fi, that’s sure, but there’s little else to report right now as the press site is still closed. We’ll get the lads at MWC11 on this. Read More

  • Video: iriver's Portable Media Player "S100 Panorama"

    After launching the S100 Panorama in South Korea back in June, iriver today announced [JP] it will bring their media player to Japan (the company is yet to list the device on its global website). Technically, the player isn’t anything special, but it looks quite cute and comes in a total of three colors (white, black and pink). Read More

  • NPR's iPad App Downloaded 350,000 Times, New Public Media API Announced

    NPR always has among the most popular news apps in the iTunes Store. Its latest iPad app has been downloaded 350,000 times, according to CEO Vivian Schiller, who spoke this morning at Wired’s Business Conference in New York City. Considering that only about 2 million iPads have been sold, about one in six iPad owners have downloaded the iPad app. Asked whether she minds getting links… Read More

  • The Viliv HD5 PMP breaks loose, released in South Korea

    We’re big Viliv fans here and are glad to see the companies first PMP hit the market. They are one of the few companies that out nearly identical products in the states as Korea. The don’t dumb-down its products for the American consumer. Nope, we get all the fun stuff, too. Like the HD5 PMP. Now, we just need a valid reason to need a PMP in 2010. Read More

  • Archos 2010 lineup leaks (in Europe)

    So the latest from Archos leaked recently at CeBIT 2010, the European electronics show. The 2010 Vision line showcases Archos returning to their roots with a series of new audio players designed for the lower end of the price range. Read More

  • Affordable 7-inch touchscreen PMP is just aching for a web browser

    Oh Brando, you tickle the collective fancy of internet users everywhere with your $177 touchscreen portable media player. It plays back high-definition video files, it can be hooked up to a TV, it doubles as a digital photo frame, and it’s expandable via microSD cards. Read More

  • The Samsung R1 is a PMP, all right

    The “anybody but iPod” crowd has another portable media player to choose from, and it’s from Samsung. It’s called the R1, and it’s your standard issue touchscreen PMP. It does play Divx-encoded video, which should be a benefit to those of you who haven’t moved into Blu-ray rips, or who enjoy watching standard-def rips of TV shows on the subway. Read More

  • Star Trek tricorder media player

    People have been trying to come up with a working tricorder for years, and while this latest product may not be able to analyze an ore sample or check a patient’s heartrate, it will play the latest Kraftwerk single. Read More

  • Cube H100D portable media player first to output video in 1080i

    In the interest of helping you kill time at work or school, we present this gadget from the Far East that you’ll never own. It’s the Cube H100HD, a portable media player that does something no other one can do: it outputs video at 1080i. Now, 1080i is about as impressive as an elephant wearing a tutu—it’ll make you say, “Hmm, interesting,” but it… Read More

  • Japan gets the iriver P20 portable media player

    iriver yesterday announced Japan will get their P20 [JP], a new PMP, on February 27. The problem: Only 200 Japanese buyers will be able to lay their hands on the player and iriver didn’t say anything about a possible release outside Nippon. The Korean company first showcased the device last summer during the IFA 2008 exhibition in Berlin. It features 80GB of storage, a 4.1-AMOLED… Read More

  • MCH Media's iPod Killer from the UK!

    Truth be told, maybe the MCH Media CS-one Media Box Touch isn’t an iPod killer. It’s a flash-based personal media player equipped with a 3.2-inch touch screen, CMOS camera, accelerometer, 18 hour battery and touch buttons around the bezel. Plus, the player comes preloaded with games and is available in 6 colors. Read More

  • Samsung Yepp P3 rolling out in Korea

    Samsung’s Yepp P3 portable music player is hitting the streets in Korea next month, and she’s a beaut! The 3-inch screen has been augmented with haptic feedback and a fancy Flash-based interface. In 4, 8 and 16 GB models, you can play your standard assortment of audio for up to 30 hours, and video for up to 5 hours. Watch the customizable UI in action after the jump. Read More

  • MySpace CEO: Yeah, we'd like to make our own portable media player one day

    Did you hear the news? MySpace is thinking about creating its own portable media player! Reuters seems to think that such a player would be in competition with the iPod, which we all know is a lie: there’s the iPod WAY UP HERE, then everything else WAY DOWN THERE. If anything, the MySpace player would be in competition with Zune and Sansa—you know, the “other”… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: iRiver PMPs on the cheap through the end of the year

    There’s a small sale on iRiver doodads that might interest you, especially with the holiday shopping season coming. From November 1 to December 31, the iRiver Spinn, Lplayer and E100 are all getting their prices slashed anywhere from $30-$60. For example, you can grab the 8GB model of the E100 for $99. If you’re looking for something a little more flexible, the 8GB Spinn is now… Read More

  • The future is finally here, Nikon intros the Media Port PMP headsets

    Nikon, yes, Nikon, is pushing the dream of living like the Jetsons one step closer with the Media Port UP300x and UP300 PMP headsets. The two models sport a .44-inch 640×480 screen that appears to the equivalent of a 50-inch screen when folded down in place, which displays everything from video files, to music details and even a web browser thanks to the built-in WiFi connection. Users… Read More

  • iRiver SPINN up for pre-order, shipping on October 3

    We’ve been waiting for the sexy iRiver SPINN for months and finally the gorgeous PMP is shipping Friday. The 8GB flavor carries a $289.99 price while the smaller, but still attractive, 4GB option is going for $249. If you wanna one of the first units, head over to iRiver’s website and place a pre-order.  [Thanks for the tip, Ron] Read More

  • September 17: A big day for Creative, we think

    Fans of Creative should get themselves ready for an exciting September 17. Why’s that? Well, that picture certainly alludes to something. Creative has been sending out special media invites for an event on September 17. The above picture clearly features an X-Fi logo. Whether that means Creative will unveil a new line of PMPs, or, who knows, an iPod dock (oh God, not another one!)… Read More

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