pma 2009

Lowepro announces three new camera bags at PMA

<img src="" alt="" />At PMA, Lowepro announced a handful of new camera gear ranging from pro-level equipment to amateurish point and sho

Pentax launching advanced DSLR this summer

<img src="" alt="" />Like every other major camera manufacturer, Pentax had a lackluster PMA showing this year, but an interview between

Sample video from the Panasonic Lumix GH1

<img src="" alt="" />Without having held and shot with the <a href="

GE announces a waterproof point and shoot, the G3WP

<img src="" alt="" />As an amateur photographer, I generally look down on point and shoots because their image quality stinks something

Case Logic announces new line of bags? How out of character!

<img src="" />Case Logic announced recently at PMA that they are expanding on their already extensive lineup of bags. Of course, this

Sigma's DP2 approaches release; pics and specs updated

<img src="" />We've been aware of the <a href="">DP2 </a>

Panasonic adds new Micro Four Thirds Lumix with the GH1

<img src="" alt="gh1k_slant" />Now we’re talking, folks. Panasonic just announced an updated version of their Micro Four Thirds cam

Six new Alpha Series lenses coming from Sony

<img src="" alt="" />Aside from the <a href="">HX1</a> annou

Delkin launches SDHC series aimed at HD folk

<img src="" alt="" />And the PMA fun continues! Delkin just announced their VideoPro line of SDHC cards ranging from 4GB to 32GB. Th

Sony announces swiveling HDMI cables

<img src="" alt="" />Sony sure does pick random times to announce a bevy of goods. At PMA, Sony launched a new swivelin

Sony outs the Cyber-shot HX1

<img src="">Yet another craptacular hybrid digital camera being announced at PMA and this time it’s coming from Sony. The <a hr

Lensbaby announces the 0.42x Super Wide Lens

<img src="" alt="" />In case you didn’t know, PMA is going on in Vegas right now and I wish I were there. This weather is

Pentax officially unveils the X70 and DA 15mm lens [Update]

<img src="" alt="" />No need to tell you what we already found out this morning about the <a href="

Pentax's PMA announcement leaked, hybrid X70 being announced

<img src="" alt="" />Hmm. Well, this is sort of a disappointment. I was expecting the K30 or K300 to be announced, but instead

Samsung announces NX Series hybrid digital camera

<img src="" alt="" />With all the pre-PMA announcements that Samsung made in the last few weeks I wondered if they had anything left in the

Samsung outs a pair of point and shoots ahead of PMA, again

<img src="" alt="" />Unfortunately for Samsung, we’ve all known about the <a href="

Digital Foci's Photo Book is suprisingly cool

<img src="" alt="" />This Photo Book from Digital Foci actually looks pretty cool and it’s perfect for photographers or even casual

Samsung announces four new SL-series point and shoots

<img src="" alt="" />It’s announcements like this that make trade shows not worth going to. Today, Samsung updated their SL-series

Fujifilm gets wet with the FinePix Z33WP

<img src="" alt="" />Let’s just get this out of the way, so we don’t have to deal with the elephant in the room. These th