PMA 2008

PMA 2008: Big Price Cuts for Big HP Printers

Yes, even though PMA ended on Saturday, we’re still digging news out of the show. Here’s a good one for any photographer considering buying one of HP’s well-reviewed — includin

PMA 2008: DSLR Rain Cover for Hydrophobes

Here’s the perfectly designed (and named) product for photographers afraid of getting their lenses wet — the Hydrophobia Rain Cover. The cover, which fits 300-600mm lenses, was announced d

This is why we didn't go to PMA 2008

PMA 2008: LowePro Flipside & Fastpack Backpacks

Lowepro always busts out some stylish backpacks at PMA and this year compact and convenient were the operative words in Vegas. In their slim and urban Flipside line, we like the 300 ($57), a slender,

PMA 2008: Gorillapod Go-Go! Suction Cups

Joby’s Gorillapod products have always been a lot of fun and at PMA 2008 in Vegas they debuted a new accessory for these popular bendable tripods — the Go-Go! (their punctuation, not ours)

PMA 2008: New "Flagship" Pro DSLR from Sony

Already a manufacturer of CMOS imaging sensors for professional digital SLRs, Sony announced this morning at PMA 2008 in Las Vesgas that it too would introduce a pro digital SLR this year. The new dig

General Imaging's GE point-and-shoots actually look pretty nice

When I think GE, I think washer/dryer, I think fridge. Turns out this enormous company makes about everything under the sun that’s even remotely electronic. I’m a DSLR guy, but stuff like

Kodak announces lightning fast 10-megapixel camera

Today at PMA, Kodak announced the Easyshare Z1012IS, which is a 10-megapixel, 12x optical zoom wonder with OIS. It also has a lightning fast click-to-capture speed that’s best in class at 0.14 s

Nikon updates DSLR line with D60

The leaked specs earlier today were spot on and I don’t have too much else to add. The most exciting feature on the D60 is the Stop-Motion Movie mode, which allows you to make stop-animation mov

Nikon's little superstar, S600

The cream of the crop has got to be the S600. Why? Because it’s the snappiest of the bunch, has tons of great features and it is the best looking. That being said, you can decide based on the sp

Nikon knows when you've blinked

PMA is three days away and Nikon, like everyone else else, is spilling the beans ahead of time to create some buzz. Also added to the Coolpix line is the S550, which is a 10-megapixel point-and-shoot

Five new lenses from Pentax

To go along with the K20D and K200D, Pentax announced five lenses that range from 18mm to 300mm. Without getting into exact specifics since I know most of you don’t care, I’l touch on a fe

Fuji's newest flagship

Coming out strong for Fuji in the prosumer tier is the FinePix S100FS. It’s pretty much the best of both worlds, in terms of point-and-shoot and DSLR hybrids go. I’m personally not a big f

Samsung's GX-20 announced today as flagship DSLR

[photopress:GX20__4__3_.jpg,full,center]At CES, I was very impressed by Samsung’s GX-10 DSLR. Samsung has partnered with Pentax for the first line of DSLRs, basically re-branding the Pentaxes wi

Yet another gorgeous lens I can't possibly afford

I like it, but really now, six thousand dollars? Canon has released the successor to the previous (and excellent) 200mm F1.8 L lens. It seems a little strange that they’d replace a F1.8 with a F

Canon is not a fan of surprises, prefers incremental upgrades

Seems like if Canon has anything crazy up their sleeves, they’re saving it for NAB. Their releases for PMA are pretty tame, but as usual you can trust Canon for image quality and construction qu

Fuji adds even more colors of the rainbow to the Z-series

For the fun, zany, quirky folks comes the FinePix Z20fd. The 10-megapixel shooter comes in a variety of colors and features a Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens, 2.5-inch LCD, 45MB of internal storage and a

Fuji's latest F-series impresses

First up in a long list of Fuji point-and-shoots for the day is the F100fd, The latest F-series digi is equipped with a 12-megapixel, 8th generation Super CCD sensor and it has a Fujinon 5x wide angle

Canon announces "entry level" Rebel

Today Canon introduced the EOS Rebel XSi and everyone should start shaking in their collective boots. The 12.2-megapixel (APS-C size Canon CMOS censor) Rebel has an improved AF sensor, 14-bit A/D conv

New Sony camera PMA roundup

No major announcements from Sony like “we’re going analog” or “everything is now left-handed” but there are a few respectable updates for their point-and-shoots. Now&#821
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