Pluto lands funding from fintech all-stars to build a ‘Ramp for the Middle East’

Here in the U.S., the corporate spend space is getting increasingly competitive, with several startups clamoring to gain market share. But in the Middle East, the market is far less crowded. And one n

Google Maps now lets you explore your local planets and moons, too

Google today announced a fun update to Google Maps that’ll allow you to virtually visit a dozen additional planets and moons in our solar system. The company has added to its lineup imagery of

Pluto TV, a free streaming service for cord cutters, raises $30 million more

Pluto TV, a video streaming service targeting cord cutters by offering a TV-guide like experience that connects you to hundreds of online channels, has raised $30 million in Series B funding, valuing

At Pear Demo Day, 13 companies to watch

As dozens of Teslas baked in the sprawling Palo Alto parking lot of a local law firm yesterday, 100 top investors packed into a high-ceilinged meeting room. There, they listened as 13 startups deli

One year since the New Horizons Pluto flyby, here’s what we learned

One year ago today, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto and forever changed how we think about this frozen world. After more than nine years and three billion miles of traveling through the

New findings from Pluto mission reveal a dynamic world

The New Horizons science team has published new findings from their mission to Pluto in a series of 5 articles in the journal Science. The data from the papers reveal that Pluto is much more geologica

NASA Got Up Close And Personal With Pluto, The Data Blows Their Minds

It might not be a planet anymore, but Pluto is fascinating. NASA is just scratching the surface after its Pluto “fly-by” on July 14th. It says that it’s retrieved just 5% of the data

NASA Cheekily Restores Pluto As A Planet

This might be a bit of inside baseball but NASA has added Pluto to its roster of planets, at least indirectly. The Register found an image on NASA’s home page showing the tiny “dwarf plane