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Where top VCs are investing in real estate and proptech (Part 1 of 2)

The multi-trillion dollar global real estate market is getting flipped on its head. Business model innovation, data accessibility and the proliferation of mobile, SaaS and other cloud-native software

China’s JD partners with accelerator program Plug and Play to reach US startups

E-commerce giant, the closest rival to Alibaba in China, is broadening its presence in Silicon Valley after it announced a collaboration with accelerator firm Plug and Play to seek out and work

Saeed Amidi’s Global Accelerator Network Plug And Play Expands To Brazil

The warp and weft of Saeed Amidi's family story -- transitioning from Iranian immigrants fleeing revolution in the 1970s to running a multi-million-dollar global family office and a vast technology ac

A Look At The Three Startups That Wowed The Judges At Plug And Play’s Summer EXPO

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