• Lazy Publishers Rejoice: Get Your Content From Pluck On Demand

    Demand Media launches Pluck on Demand tonight – a new service that will add contextually relevant content to publishing websites via an easy to use widget. In other words, if you don’t have enough content, Pluck on Demand will add appropriate stuff to your site for you. Pluck on Demand is similar to Blogburst, a product launched in 2006 that brought blog content to larger media sites. Read More

  • Demand Media Buys Pluck for $75 million

    Demand Media, a big buyer and operator of Internet domain name companies, completed negotiations to acquire Austin-based Pluck last night after about two months of negotiations. The price is not being disclosed but is rumored to be in the $50 million range. Update: We’ve confirmed the number from an inside source – $75 million, all cash. Pluck revenues are around $10… Read More

  • USAToday Says Traffic Way Up

    Less than twelve hours after I posted that USAToday’s traffic appears to be going the wrong way, they issue a press release saying traffic is way up., recorded a 20% year-over year increase in traffic for the month of July 2007 and a month-over-month growth of 24% according to Nielsen/NetRatings. It was also reported that more than 10.6 million unique visitors came to… Read More

  • USAToday's Social Network Experiment May Not Be Paying Off

    When USAToday relaunched its site in March as a social network around news, I and others thought it was big news. They integrated Pluck’s new Social Media Suite, a group of social networking products that a number of high profile news sites have adopted. Overnight, USAToday went from being an old school news site to something much different. Readers could now create profiles, comment… Read More

  • 34 More Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

    A few weeks ago we posted 9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network, a review of several hosted, do-it-yourself white label social networking solutions. Conspicuously missing from that round-up were many additional companies that specialize in the creation of social networks. These companies were intentionally overlooked in the first post because we wanted to focus on self-service websites. In… Read More

  • Bravo To USATODAY

    USATODAY relaunched its website yesterday with a parade of new features that will add a significant social layer to the site that wasn’t there before. The website is no longer a simple hose spouting news at readers. It has become a full on social network, integrating user generated content in intelligent and interesting ways. The list is sort of ho-hum at first – bigger… Read More

  • Flock Ditches Shadows Bookmarking Service

    In a blog post yesterday, Flock’s Mike Dosik announced that they will no longer support the Shadows bookmarking service (Shadows is a product of Pluck) in the upcoming Flock 2.0 release. A number of angry Flock users commented on the post, wanting to know why. Co-founder Geoffrey Arone stepped in with an explanation: “Shadows is owned by the Pluck Corporation, who is doing quite… Read More

  • The State of Online Feed Readers

    Syndication is undoubtedly the heartbeat of the web 2.0 movement. A feed reader, the most common solution to consuming synidcated content, saves the user time by monitoring countless sites and sources and providing near real-time updates to one location. There are a number of different types of readers: web-based, desktop, Outlook based, etc… This post is focused solely on web-based… Read More

  • BlogBurst Can Save Big (print) Media

    Pluck demo’d a new product called BlogBurst at our party last night. The service is live but Pluck has not pushed it out for publicity yet. BlogBurst is a service that takes topical content from pre-approved blogs and provides it to publishers (online newspapers, etc.) for republication. Blogs that apply and are accepted are categorized (TechCrunch would be “science and… Read More

  • Shadows 1.0

    I had an early peak at Shadows while it was still in beta, back in July. Shadows is a Pluck product. Last week, Pluck took the beta tag off of Shadows and released v 1.0. Dave Panos, Pluck’s CEO, gave me a walk through of the new functionality last night. Shadows is a social bookmarking site with good features, and all of the expected bells and whistles. But the reason I like it so much… Read More

  • Pluck Expands Product Line

    Pluck (previous profiles) is quietly building a very nice suite of web 2.0 products (see Shadows as well). They announced two new products on September 12 – InSite RSS and InSite Blogging. Both products are aimed at online content publishers, particularly online newspapers. Both can generate significant revenue for Pluck, as they charge for these services. Pluck also announced their… Read More

  • Update – Pluck (new product releases)

    Company: Pluck
    Previous Profiles: July 16, 2005 (Pluck for Firefox), July 18, 2005 (shadows) Pluck Launched Three Product Updates: Pluck announced three product updates on August 9, 2005 – Pluck 2.0 for Internet Explorer, Firefox and their Web product (web product image on left). A key new feature is that all of these products syncronize feeds (and will hopefully syncronized… Read More

  • Pluck Features the TechCrunch Feed

    Pluck made TechCrunch a “featured feed” today (Link). For new subscribers (and there have been a bunch – thanks Pluck), we apologize for the slow review day today. We are still recovering from the AlwaysOn conference. Tomorrow’s weekly wrapup will be a great one, though, and we have a ton of great reviews coming up! For those of you looking for the best RSS aggregator… Read More

  • Profile – Shadows

    Editor’s Note: Today is Social Bookmarking day, with profiles of Simpy and now Shadows. Simpy went out on TechCrunch today because they’ve been releasing new functionality that we really like. Shadows has only been out for a couple of weeks, and will make a public appearance at the AlwaysOn conference at Stanford this week (say hello to me if you are there), and so we thought it… Read More

  • Profile – Pluck (For Firefox)

    Company: Pluck (For Firefox) Launch Date: June 13, 2005 (2.0 Beta for Firefox) What is it? Pluck has a number of excellent products, including a web based RSS reader that competes with Bloglines, NewsGator and others (see our Bloglines v. Newsgator post) as well as an IE plugin that is very popular. They’ve also quietly launched a social bookmarking site called Shadows that will… Read More