The Pax 2 Improves Upon One Of The Best Vaporizers On The Market

The newest version of the Pax vaporizer takes all the best parts of the original -- the sleek design, the brushed metal finish, the easy-to-use, push-button interface -- and improves upon them. The Pa

Fly Or Die: Ploom ModelTwo E-Cig Vaporizer

It’s been a couple weeks since I reviewed the Ploom ModelTwo e-cig vaporizer, but we thought it fair to have someone else weigh in on the tobacco vaporizer as well. That said, Engadget’s B

Review: Ploom ModelTwo E-Cig Vaporizer

The first, and possibly most important thing, for you to understand about the Ploom ModelTwo is that, unlike <a href="">big b

Fly Or Die: Ploom Pax Botanical Vaporizer

For those of us who enjoy the occasional puff of sumptuous greenery, whether that's flavored tobacco, leaves of mint, or good ol' wacky tobacky, the <a target="_blank" href="">

Smoke Up: An Interview With The Creator Of The Ultracool Pax Vaporizer

If you enjoy smoking fine botanical products, including, but not limited to, tobacco, you owe it to yourself to check out the <a target="_blank" href="">Pax by Ploom</a>, a com