• Ple0rb Now Shipping: Get Your Dino On For $469

    After many long months of waiting, the Ple0rb (Pleo Reborn, I guess they’re trying to say) is ready to ship. If you recall, the Pleo was the fun little dinosaur that everyone loved back in 2008 or so and no one but. Now, with improved features, the Ple0rb is ready to buzz his way into your heart. Read More

  • New Pleo Peeks Out From The Antediluvian Mists

    The new Pleo dinosaur, called the Pleo RB or Pleo Reborn, has been spotted in Hong Kong. This beast cost $500 at a Hong Kong toy show and features touch and temperature sensors, a gravity sensor, and rudimentary voice recognition. It also has an RFID “smell” sensor that can pick up the scents of various items. As you recall, Pleo was discontinued and then the brand was picked up… Read More

  • Vote to choose the next Pleo color

    Here’s your chance to change history, and influence the future. The makers of the Pleo are holding a vote to decide exactly what color the new Pleo should be when they change it later this year. Oh, and if you like the original color scheme, you can get free shipping until the end of February. Read More

  • Pet dinosaurs for everyone! Pleo is back!

    Seriously, who doesn’t want a pet dinosaur? Sure, Jurassic Park makes it seem all dangerous and life-threatening and such. Would you really let that stop you? I think not. But until genetics research and cloning catch up to our imaginations, we’ll have to settle for robotic proxies. And everyone’s favorite little Camarasaurus just got back on the market. Read More

  • YOU IS WINNAR! The Pleo finds a home

    Wow. You guys wanted a Pleo. When we offered you one a few days ago I didn’t realize 707 people would comment wildly in hopes of winning a little green dinosaur. Well, there is a winner and he is… Read More

  • Bringing Pleo back

    Jetta Company Limited has decided to re-launch the Pleo and will continue to manufacture the clever little dinosaur including its battery and charger accessories. Jetta bought the Ugobe IP on May 21 and manufactured most of the robot during the wee one’s short run. Hundreds of Pleo fans will be able to continue to pet their Pleos while rocking back and forth and mumbling about… Read More

  • Pleo creator Ugobe files for bankruptcy

    The first real casualty of the economic crisis has emerged, and it’s a lovable robotic dinosaur. Decreased demand for expensive toys has left Pleo’s creator, Ugobe, wallowing in debt. As a last ditch effort to remain solvent, they’re going to try to auction off the rights to Pleo, but there’s no guarantee that the poor critter will ever be made again. Pleo has always been… Read More

  • DIY: Control your Pleo with a Wii

    Got a boring weekend ahead? Nothing going on? No friends? Chances are you probably have a Pleo and a Wii then. If so, how about rigging up the Pleo for Wii control? The hack isn’t that simple but when you see the video after the jump, you’re going to want to try it. Plus, it’s not like you need to change dinner plans or anything. Read More

  • Pleo goes to the Spa

    Yeah, this kind of looks like it’s going to go all Skinemax but luckily they just pamper this Pleo at a day spa reminding us that anthropomorphizing little robots is dangerous yet wonderful. Pleo World member maggie44n took her Pleo to the Changes Salon where he got a fossil rock massage. Read More

  • Pleo destroyed by a Combot

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Since getting a Pleo a few months ago, we’ve basically given the bugger a name and gotten to know its personality. To watch this Combot tear Pleo up at Maker Faire is like watching a wolf eat a mouse — it’s no contest
    Basically Ugobe donated Pleo for this contest and they put it in with Vicious Verdict, a combat robot used… Read More

  • New lovey-dovey Pleo download for Valentine's Day

    Oh Pleo, you’re the best almost-real dinosaur friend a guy and/or gal could ever have. Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day comes a new behavior download for your Pleo pet. He coos, he flirts, he slices and dices! From the website, Has Pleo been bitten by the love bug? He sulks when left alone, but pet him … he wiggles, coos, and sighs happily. Cuddle Pleo… Read More

  • Pleo, what have they done to you?

    The uber dorks have ported an AIBO tool over to the Pleo so you can make it do wretched things to satisfy your weird taste. Poor Ferbie. Robots Rule Read More

  • Pleo and kids

    Yeah, I know it’s an annoying GIF, right? I never got into the whole Aibo/Pleo/Robosapien thing but TC headquarters just sent me a Pleo to talk about for the Crunchies and I turned it on for my 2-year-old son. He was immediately entranced. To my jaded eyes, Pleo looks like another attempt at creating a “life form” that can convince you to love it and care for it. Furby was… Read More

  • Pleo dies for our sins

    Pleo, everyone’s favorite animatronic dinosaur, has been completely disassembled by iFixIt, leading to a rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth up and down the “cuteness corridor” that runs from San Jose to Cleveland. IFixIt, the guys who taught us all how to open our MacBooks and get at the juicy innards, decided to cut down Pleo as a lark. It makes me cry just to look at… Read More

  • Pleo dies

    Ugobe, into your hands I commend my spirit. It is finished. This big nasty men at DVICE posted a video of them abusing and eventually killing their Pleo dinosaur. The video is horrible. They choke the wee guy, then hang him by his tail, and even slap him around. Just you wait. When it comes time for “the Big Change,” these boys will be the first against the wall. Note: We at… Read More

  • Pleo Dinosaur Robot Marches Its Way into My Heart

    Pleo is a new $350 ‘life form’ dinosaur robot created by Ugobe. Unlike all the robot dinosaurs I know (e.g. the WowWee Roboraptor), the Pleo is not remote-controlled. It’s ‘self-aware’. It ‘evolves’. It’s also not very badass. This thing, in a very mass-appealing kind of way, is a puppy. Read More

  • Pleo in action

    Awwww! So cute! Too bad when it grows up it will chew off our faces. via RobotsRule Read More

  • Pleo as a lamb

    Pleo is a little robotic dinosaur by UGOBE that responds to touch, light, and sound. Well, the folks at UGOBE decided to wrap it in fur and see if it still responded to stimuli. Apparently it did and now they have a weird furry dinosaur to play with. What won’t those kids think of! Interview with on the upcoming Pleo SDK [Robotsrule] Read More

  • Pleo Now Available For US Pre-order

    Everyone’s favorite animatronic dinosaur is now one step closer to invading our shores. Pleo’s manufacturer UGOBE is taking pre-orders for the dinosaur and the price isn’t cheap. After earlier reports that Pleo would cost somewhere between $250 and $300, UGOBE has pulled a Nintendo and decided to charge $350 for the lil’ guy. Talk about highway robbery. Don’t get… Read More