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  • Foursquare And Skype Coming To Playstation Vita

    Foursquare And Skype Coming To Playstation Vita

    During a press conference at the Gamescom gaming conference in Cologne, Sony announced a few new features for their new handheld console, the Vita (watch our hands-on at E3 here). Among them were support for Foursquare and Skype. The references were made while talking about the 3G capabilities of the $300 model, but it wasn’t implied that a 3G connection would be required. More powerful… Read More

  • Sony Officially Announces Playstation Vita Handheld (With AT&T Partnership) UPDATE: Pricing!

    The Next-Generation Portable we’ve been hearing about for a good five months now has finally been owned up to by Sony. It is, as rumors had it, called the Playstation Vita, and the many features we’ve heard about (dual touchscreens, cameras, Near, and so on) are all official. All the specs and stuff were already detailed back in January, but we’re just now seeing the… Read More