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Utah man pleads guilty to causing 2013 gaming service outages

A Utah man has pleaded guilty to computer hacking charges, after admitting to knocking several gaming services offline five years ago. Austin Thompson, 23, launched several denial-of-service attacks a

Sony finally says it’s adding 2FA to PlayStation Network

It looks like Sony is finally gearing up to add two-factor authentication to the PlayStation Network -- some five years after a massive data breach compromised the details of millions of users, includ

PlayStation Network Is Down — Time To Read A Bloody BOOK?

Yes, it's that part of the day where we get to check in on fun things that are broken while you're doing actual work. Today's fun thing that's broken is PlayStation Network (PSN).

Sony And Spotify Debut PlayStation Music Streaming Service, Music Unlimited To Close

Sony is relaunching its streaming music service for PlayStation Network, and this time it's bringing in a partner with ample expertise in streaming music services: Spotify. The existing Sony Music Unl

Hackers Take Credit For PlayStation Network And Xbox Live Outages On Christmas

Gamers who received new consoles for Christmas might find themselves unable to connect and play with friends, thanks to a coordinated attack by hackers who claim to have taken down the two largest gam

The Cloud Has Us All In A Fog

<img src="" />Ever heard of <a href="">Dropship</a>? It's an open-source project that "enables arbitrary, an

Hack Attack: Sony Confirms PlayStation Network Outage Caused By 'External Intrusion'

<img src="" />Unfortunately for <a href="">PlayStation Network</a> and <a href="http://www.q

A Disaster In The Making? Sony's PlayStation Network Suffers Prolonged Global Outage

<img src="" />Sony's <a href="">PlayStation Network</a>, its online service for PlayStation

Sony Announces Game Save Storage On The Cloud

Today, Sony announced cloud computing on the PS3 exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The cloud will allow gamers to upload all their game save data to the network, with up to 150 MB of stora

Don't Use That Jailbroken PS3 Online

You might want to hold off on jailbreaking your PS3, particularly if you spend much time online. Turns out that Sony can detect the software ID used by the program used for jailbreaking, and then ban

Sony looking to expand PlayStation Network to other hardware

<img src="" />Sony recognizes that the PS3 hasn't quite sold what it hoped (expected?) it would, and that this is a hinderance to the growth

Yes! Marvel vs. Capcom 2 heading to Xbox Live, PSN this summer

<img src="" />It's time to get excited, friends. Not only will Capcom release <i>Marvel vs. Capcom 2</i> on Xbox Live and PlayStation Netwo

Video: Sony PlayStation Network advert is less creepy more Zune-y

It doesn’t quite have the magic or mystery of the PS3 adverts, but the PlayStation Network appears to have normal human beings who just hallucinate. This one actually reminds me of the artsy-far

There's still hope for PS2 backwards compatibility

[photopress:ps22222.jpg,full,center] This month’s Electronic Gaming Monthly has an interview with PlayStation Network director Eric Lempell. Among other things, Lempell wants the world to know t

PlayStation Network cards getting passed around, could be in stores soon

It looks like you’ll soon be able to buy stuff off the PlayStation Store with a gift card. The PlayStation Network card is making its way around to select journalists/writers/deadbeats, a possib

PS3 Getting HD Content Downloads Soon? recently spoke with Sony’s Phil Harrison about the future of the PS3 and what new releases to expect in 2007. Seems Sony is getting geared up to launch HD content on the Playstation Netw