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  • Game Developers Conference Panel Suggests PC PlayStation Move Development

    A panel at this year’s Game Developers Conference has the Internet (or, at the very least, the CG chatroom) spinning around in circles with excitement. The panel, “Update on PlayStation Move Development,” says the official description, “will bring developers up to speed on developing for the PlayStation Move controller. We will cover developing for the new PlayStation… Read More

  • Sharp Shooter Attachment For Playstation Move Headshots My Heart

    I get a good feeling from this particular peripheral. I’m already partial to the Playstation Move, which I think will make for some utterly fantastic light-gun games, but this Sharp Shooter attachment is going to make things all the better. I think I prefer the sub-machinegun look better than the one we first saw at E3. Read More

  • Echochrome II Hits PSN On December 21st

    Just a quick PSA, since this was one of the Playstation Move games that impressed me at E3. Like the original Echochrome, which bent your mind as you changed the perspective, this one makes you really think differently about how the game world works. You use the Move controller as a “flashlight,” casting a shadow for your guy to walk on and interact with. It’s quite cool… Read More

  • Buy The Playstation Move From The Usual Suspects Right Now

    There’s no need to wait until September 19th to order your Playstation Move. Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon have ’em in stock and are shipping them right now. Yep, you can order both the $99.99 Starter Bundle and $399 Playstation 3 320GB with Move along with all the accessories from the major retailers. Some Best Buy stores even list the hardware as “Available Now”… Read More

  • Sony: PlayStation Move to hit U.S. store shelves September 19

    As anticipated, Sony’s motion control system, PlayStation Move, will be available exclusively for the PS3 at retail stores across North America on Sunday, September 19, later than expected but still way before Microsoft’ Kinect hits the market (coincidentally, I just played with Kinect for the first time this morning, courtesy of Microsoft, and absolutely loved it). Anyway… Read More

  • Sony's Playstation Move "Ultimate FAQ" Answers Your Most Frequent Queries

    If you’ve been thinking about buying a Playstation Move (and I recommend at least trying it, it’s quite good), you probably have a few questions, ranging from the usual “what are the prices for bundles” to “can I change the color of the ball” and other more specific stuff. The official Playstation Blog has put together a pretty comprehensive FAQ for your… Read More

  • Carmack Not Interested In Motion Controllers (For Now, At Least)

    All of us here are totally geeking out over every single word that comes out of John Carmack’s mouth at the keynote address at this year’s QuakeCon, but one of the more interesting things he said had to do with motion controls like the Kinect and PlayStation Move. In short, he has no interest in them right now. Oh snap. Read More

  • Rumor Has $350 PS3 Move Bundle Heading Our Way

    When the Playstation Move was announced, we learned the basic prices: $50 per controller, $100 for a controller plus the Eye and a game, or $400 for a fully kitted-out PS3 with Eye, Move controller, and game all included. Seemed a decent deal, but they didn’t mention how much storage you’d be getting in the console package. New information (shocking new information) has come to… Read More

  • PlayStation Move bundles en route to Japan: Resident Evil, Time Crisis ahoy

    God bless them for trying. Sony Japan will release two PlayStation Move bundles to hopefully kick-start the motion controller era. Oh, wait: the motion control era started nearly four years ago with the Nintendo Wii, and now it’s in danger of losing the casual audience to things like Farmville and Farmville-ville. That’s the game where you play the role of someone who’s… Read More