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Game Developers Conference Panel Suggests PC PlayStation Move Development

<img src="" />A panel at this year’s Game Developers Conference has the Internet (or, at the very least, the CG chatroom) spinning arou

Sharp Shooter Attachment For Playstation Move Headshots My Heart

<img src="" />I get a good feeling from this particular peripheral. I'm already partial to the <a href="h

Echochrome II Hits PSN On December 21st

Just a quick PSA, since this was one of the Playstation Move games that impressed me at E3. Like the original Echochrome, which bent your mind as you changed the perspective, this one makes you really

Buy The Playstation Move From The Usual Suspects Right Now

There’s no need to wait until September 19th to order your Playstation Move. Gamestop, Best Buy, and Amazon have ’em in stock and are shipping them right now. Yep, you can order both the

Sony: PlayStation Move to hit U.S. store shelves September 19

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Sony's Playstation Move "Ultimate FAQ" Answers Your Most Frequent Queries

<img src="" />If you've been thinking about buying a Playstation Move (and I recommend at least trying it, it's quite good), you

Carmack Not Interested In Motion Controllers (For Now, At Least)

<img src="" />All of us here are totally geeking out over every single word that comes out of John Carmack’s mouth at <a HREF="ht

Rumor Has $350 PS3 Move Bundle Heading Our Way

<img src="" />When the Playstation Move was <a href="

PlayStation Move bundles en route to Japan: Resident Evil, Time Crisis ahoy

<img src="" />God bless them for trying. Sony Japan will release two <a HREF="">PlayStation

Demoing Sports Champions for the Playstation Move Matt had a blast playing this; I wis

Trying out SOCOM with the Playstation Move Just a quick video to show you that

Sony PlayStation Move Charging Station: $29, charges two Move controllers simultaneously

<img src="">Buried in the depth's of Sony's online archives were these photos of the <a href="

The Playstation Move vs the Xbox Kinect, may the best motion controller win

<img src="">It's official on. That is the motion control wars and, don't hate, but Nintendo isn't one of the combatants. Nope, this war

PlayStation Move Controller will cost $60, expected Sept. 1st

News has been pretty sparse about the pricing or availability of the PlayStation Move controller, but GameStop thinks they have the down low on when and how much. GameStop’s Canadian site is sho

The Sony Playstation Move controller gets a name

Quick FYI, everyone. The Sony Playstation Move wand thing should from here on out be referred to not as Sony’s Wii Remote clone, but rather by its official name of Navigation Controller. M&#8217

The Playstation Move makes its advertising debut

The Playstation Move: Everything old is new again, if you ask Sony

So, this Move. I’m pretty sure it brings nothing new to the party. That’s too bad, because the PS3 is starting to take off (after three lackluster years) and it would have helped push unit