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Review: SplitFish FragFX v.2 controller

<img src="" alt="" /><strong>Quick Version:</strong> So you’re a gamer that splits his or her time between the PC and PlayStation 3,

Fat Princess to be released on June 18?

<img src="" alt="" class="center" />At GDC we were told that Fat Princess would see a summer release, but Sony’s New Zealand PlaySta

Sony and Microsoft update respective game console firmware

<img src="" alt="" />Late last night, Sony and Microsoft pushed out releases for their respective game consoles. Firmware <a href="

Sony giving away Qore Episode 11 for free, other PlayStation Network goodies

<img src="" alt="" />It might technically be Spring, but you wouldn’t know it if you’re in NYC or Seattle today. If you’re not a regu

Rumor: Sony to announce PS3 news tomorrow

<img src="" alt="" />An unsubstantiated rumor coming out of Australia says Sony is readying for a global announcement to

Hands-on: Fat Princess for PlayStation 3

<img src="" alt="" />My only recollection of Titan’s <i>Fat Princess</i> was the initial controversy over the games title and how it

Sony PS3 firmware update coming soon

<img src="" alt="" />The <a href="">PlayStation folks</a> have j

Sony launching Playstation Home (Beta) tomorrow for all It’s been nearly two years, but the time is coming, friends. The folks at the Playstation blog announced that starting tomorrow Sony would be rolli

Blockbuster OnDemand coming to Blu-ray players (PS3?), too

Blockbuster went official with plans for a set-top streaming box last week and now the company CEO is stating that the same capability will soon be available in Blu-ray players as well. Allegedly 

EA smells a sucker, announces Dead Space DLC

Are these really necessary? Flaming skins for your Line Gun? There are a few worthwhile upgrades, but still. The first round of DLC for EA’s Dead Space arrives for the Xbox on November 13 and the 20

The Hoff aka David Hasselhoff is coming to a PlayStation near you Please put the Hoff out of his misery in Pain on November 6th! via PlayStation Blog

New PS3 bundles to hit Japan

Sony is going to release a couple of new PS3 80 GB bundles according to a report leaked through Famitsu. One of the new 80 GB models will be available for the same amount of cake as the current 40 G

Sony sayz PS3 & PSP are selling very well

The looming – or is it already here? – economic crisis is going to hurt most CE companies this Christmas season. Sony is stating though that the company is on track with 30% better sales

Mega Man 9 is out for Wii!

In case you forgot, or haven’t read any of the other 50 million Mega Man 9 posts here at CG, I thought I’d remind you all that Mega Man 9 is out today for download on WiiWare, and will be

Rumor: Next PS3 update to include screen grab functionality

Break out the salt shaker, PS3 fanboys, because this one’s for you. CVG was supposedly tipped off by a “development source” that the next round of PS3 updates, specifically 2.5, will

Sony PS3 wireless keypad priced, dated

Sony’s answer to the Xbox 360 messenger kit has been priced and dated on Amazon . The wireless keypad will be available on November 30th for $50.

160GB PS3 finally announced by Sony

Also announced at GC from Sony is the 160GB PS3 that kicks off with the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune bundle that includes the new hardware (duh), copy of U:DF, a PSN voucher for PAIN and a fancy D

Sony Japan presents stand-alone DVD writer/recorder for Handycam owners

Sony Japan today unveiled a new DVD writer [JP] for the living room, which makes it possible to record and view video from camcorders on 12cm DVDs without using a PC. The VDR-MC10 will hit Japanese st

ABI says consumers giving Blu-ray players the shifty eye

In its latest report, ABI Research said that consumers were reluctant to commit to Blu-ray players, saying they just weren’t sure they could settle down right now. Over half of the 1000 survey respo

Sony looking for Playstation Home beta testers

Sony’s virtual world, Playstation Home, has been delayed multiple times since it was first announced in July of 2007. But an outreach for beta testers in Japan should give Sony PS3 owners a glimmer
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