Playlist A Day Sends You A Different Spotify Playlist Each Day

I like single-use apps, with their inherently low cognitive load. I'm also a huge fan of having other people do work for me. A new app from <a target="_blank" href=""> Acquired By Warner Music Group

In early July we reported exclusively that Spotify community and playlist sharing site was in acquisition talks, with one suitor — a prominent music industry company — in the

As Music Curation Heats Up, In Talks To Be Acquired

Music curation seems to be a hot space right now. We're hearing Spotify community and playlist sharing site,, could be the next music curation startup to be acquired. According to indust Revamps iOS App To Focus On Music Discovery & Foursquare-Powered Location Playlist Sharing

Spotify community and playlist sharing site <a target="_blank" href=""></a> (formerly ShareMyPlaylists) is continuing its drive to put music discovery at the heart of

Call It The 25% Rule, ShareMyPlaylists Renamed To Reflect That Most Users Consume Content Only

The well-worn theory known as the <a target="_blank" href="">1% rule</a> dictates that the number of people creating content within an Internet