• Crunch Report | ACLU Enrolls in Y Combinator

    We are joined by the CEO of Product Hunt, which was just acquired by AngelList, the ACLU enrolls in Y Combinator, Daimler builds a self-driving car for Uber and top poker players lose to an AI developed by Carnegie Mellon. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Qleek Brings Your Music Back In To The Physical Realm

    Qleek Brings Your Music Back In To The Physical Realm

    When I first heard about Qleek I was a little skeptical. You see, it’s a music player that uses physical, wooden blocks called Tapps to activate digital playback. You want to listen to some Jazz? Find the Coltrane block and stick it into the player. Want to listen to OK Computer? Dig out the block and slot it to make yourself a little fitter and happier. It’s like the old days… Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Another Two 3D Blu-Ray Players

    The 3D boom knows no end. Pioneer Japan today announced [JP] two Blu-ray players supporting 3D content, the BDP-LX54 (pictured above) as the high-end model, and the BDP-430. Apart from Blu-ray discs, the players are also compatible to the following formats: DivX HD, MKV, WMV, MP3, WMA, and JPEG. Read More

  • BD-AV70: Sharp's Blu-ray Recorder Is 35mm Thin, Plays 3D Blu-rays

    Sharp has announced [JP] the BD-AV70 for the Japanese market today, a Blu-ray recorder that stands out with a number of features. Perhaps most importantly, the device is just 35mm thin, which makes it the thinnest out there, according to Sharp. Read More

  • Sony Outs Six BDXL-Compatible 3D Blu-ray Recorders With Built-In HDD

    Those all-in-one 3D TVs Sony announced today weren’t enough for you? Then take a look at the six new 3D Blu-ray recorders the company showed [JP] for the first time. All models support the BDXL format (discs with 100GB capacity), and according to Sony, they just need half a second to be ready after you push the “on” button. Read More

  • SCD-XE800: Sony presents new SACD player

    The Super Audio CD (SACD) format may never have entered the mainstream market after Sony and Philips started pushing it back in 1999, but some audio fanatics out there still believe in the quality of these CDs. Good news for them: Sony today announced [JP] the SCD-XE800, their newest SACD player, which is specifically marketed as an entry-level device. Read More

  • Sony Japan busts out cassette(!)/radio/CD-player combo

    It’s not a joke: Today, Sony in Japan did announce [JP] a portable cassette tape/radio/CD-player. Technically, the CFD-A110 is based on a model Sony introduced exactly seven years ago. The company updated the hardware because Japan plans to stop analogue radio transmission next year (the updated model can’t receive these signals). Read More

  • Pioneer's Blu-Ray players leaked

    Giz has the skinny on the latest BR players from Pioneer. All of them include Profile 1.1, so there’s no interactivity but there is PIP. There are also some video improvements, but nothing earthshattering. When, I wonder, will BR players be as ubiquitous and boring as DVD players? Read More

  • Halo 2 Hits The 5 Million Mark

    You know your game is a smash hit when millions of people purchase your game, but what about when millions of people go out of their way to play that game online? That’s called a huge success and Bungie certainly deserves some credit. Yesterday, the 5 millionth player logged on to XBL to play Halo 2. Since its release two-and-a-half years ago, Halo 2 has seen enormous success and growth… Read More