Playboy pitches advertisers on its nudity-free future

Playboy looked both backwards and forwards during its first NewFronts today, where it pitched advertisers on its plans for what CEO Scott Flanders described as “the new, multi-platform Playbo

A New Media Market Makes Playboy Drop The Nudes

According to a New York Times media report the venerable Playboy magazine will soon go nude-free. I quote: Mr. Hefner, now 89, but still listed as editor in chief, agreed. As part of a redesign tha

You Can Now Get Every Playboy Issue Ever Published On Your iPad For $8 Per Month

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Ever wanted to be able to access every issue of <a href="">Playboy magazin

Hugh Hefner Takes Playboy Enterprises Private (At $6.15 Per Share)

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Playboy Enterprises</a>, the world-famous adult entertainment and

Playboy Tries To Put The Sexy Into Online Video Games

<img src=""> What is it with the combination of video games and hot chicks? Oh yeah, they both appeal to young, sweaty men. Playbo

Zivity Lands A Tantalizing Deal With Playboy For More Exposure

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3D Playboy magazine presages end of civilization

<img src="" />I do wonder, years from now, what Future Man will think of human beings of the year 2010? Will he think we did the best we

Playboy Gets A Sexy iPhone App. Sorry Guys, No Nudity.

<img src="" width="133" height="200" />Playboy is a magazine that actually does have really good content, I swear. But yes, most peo

Playboy Losing Its Pants, Intends To Save Print Business By Increasing Prices

<img src="" width="200" height="200" />The clock's ticking for Playboy, folks. During an earnings call earlier today, <a href="http:

Playboy is getting out of the DVD business, going all-online

Facing rising ink and paper costs and a declining demand for physical discs, the world’s most recognizable skin rag — I mean, adult entertainment periodical — is getting out of the D

Playboy phone confuses this blogger

I do not understand. What’s the point of having a Playboy-branded cellphone if it doesn’t have photos of unattainable naked ladies pre-loaded onto it? Is the idea that some future bunny wi

CrunchArcade: THQ Wireless gets you inside the Playboy Mansion Grotto

Put on your creative thinking caps, fellas. Following the launch of Playboy Mobile last week, THQ announced “Playboy Games: Pool Party” for mobile phones that let you customize your own Playmates

Playboy cellphone only marginally linked to mag (pretty bad phone, too)

In the interest of human dignity, I will spare you any “funny” jokes about this Playboy cellphone. The only thing that makes it a Playboy phone is the logo on the front. That’s it. A

Live from the Miss Playboy Mobile press conference

Doug Aamoth and Peter Ha here in Hugh Hefner’s private loft on the 34th floor of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Nine girls will be competing for the title of “Miss Mobile Playboy” as

PlayboyU: All Tease and No Action

I was skeptical when Playboy launched its exclusive social network for college students in August called PlayboyU, mostly because Hef’s adult entertainment empire had chosen merely to brand a st

The Old College Try: Who Will Give Students Their Facebook Back?

While Alice Mathias may have overplayed the frivolous uses of Facebook for college students in her article called The Fakebook Generation published in the Grey Lady a few weeks ago, she was certainly

New Playboy Social Network Built On Ning

Well, this is a big win for build-your-own-social-network Ning, which just raised a massive round of funding. The new Playboy social network we covered earlier today is actually built on Ning, not sel

Playboy Launches College-Only Social Networking Site

In order to combat sluggish sales, Playboy has recently launched Playboy U, a social networking site just for college students. Remember when Facebook was just for college students? Well Playboy U is

Playboy Launches Social Network: "High schoolers, old dudes and your Mom can't join"

Update: Playboy U is built on the Ning platform The recent launch of Silicon Valley funded adult/porn site Zivity raised a few eyebrows. Now one of the old sovereigns of sexy is getting into the game,

iPorn fer Yer iPhone

Playboy, always at the forefront of high technology and commerce, has created some special wallpapers for your iPhone. Not much skin in these — they want you to “buy” their “ma