• BlackBerry PlayBook Stars In "Extensive Hands-On Walkthrough"

    Those lucky ducks over at BGR have gotten a nice, long in-person demo of Blackberry’s Playbook, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The gestures using the bezel are smart, and I like the multi-tasking methods. The sound is off a bit in the video, but it doesn’t affect viewing much. Read More

  • Some Of the First Independent Footage Of the Playbook

    Our strange cousins at Engadget accosted RIM CEO Jim Balsillie who then showed them this quick run-through of the RIM Playbook and some footage of floating fish. How excited are you for this device, even though it will probably be a failure? Read More

  • RIM CEO Jim Balsillie To Steve Jobs: "You Don’t Need An App For The Web"

    Research in Motion CEO Jim Balsillie may still be smarting from the fact that Apple passed it in smartphone market share last quarter. Steve Jobs made a point to rub it in during Apple’s most recent earnings conference call: ““We’ve now past RIM, and I don’t see them catching up to us in the near future.” Asked what he would say to Jobs if he were present… Read More

  • RIM Playbook To Cost Less Than iPad

    RIM is pricing its upcoming Playbook tablet at less than $500, a direct shot at Apple’s iPad pricing policies. Although Blackberry execs refrained from naming a price, Businessweek says the device will cost less than the iPad or will at least be “competitive.” Read More

  • How RIM’s PlayBook Could Have Succeeded

    How RIM’s PlayBook Could Have Succeeded

    Editor’s note: Guest author Jon Evans is a novelist, journalist, and software engineer. Oh, Research In Motion. You never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. RIM was born in my home town, at my alma mater, so it’s depressing watching their empire rot and crumble before the Android / iPhone onslaught. I had high hopes for their new tablet, a potential game-changer –… Read More

  • Kobo Reader To Be Pre-Loaded On BlackBerry PlayBook

    Kobo certainly seems to be hot right now, what with their wireless Kobo reader coming out and all. Well, here’s another feather for Kobo’s e-cap: the Kobo reader software will come preloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Read More

  • Wattpad Will Launch With The BlackBerry PlayBook

    The BlackBerry PlayBook hit yesterday and Amazon was ready with a presser announcing a Kindle app for the platform. Great news, no doubt. However, the WattPad app is the top eReading app in the BlackBerry App World so it should make a good amount of dedicated BlackBerry users happy to know that the app will launch alongside the PlayBook early next year. Read More

  • Amazon Announces A Kindle BlackBerry PlayBook App

    That was fast. The RIM just dropped the PlayBook on the world and Amazon promptly announces a Kindle app for the platform. The presser doesn’t go into details but you can probably fill in the blanks. After all, Amazon has a Kindle app for nearly every platform including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, PC, and Mac. Next up, webOS for the PalmPad. Read More

  • RIM Outs The PlayBook BlackBerry Tablet [Update: Video Demo!]

    Here it is, kiddies. The BlackBerry Tablet. Apparently the name BlackPad didn’t make the cut because this one comes with the clever name of Playbook. Details are still developing as it was just announced, but here’s what we know right now: multi-touch capacitive 7-inch display, 1GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, an e-reader app, and the rumored ability to tether to a BlackBerry… Read More

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