Play puts native iOS product design tool in the palm of your hand

Users can choose to create from scratch or import designs, then use the library and layouts features to create fully functional pages.

Google suspends Trump 2020 app from Play Store for non-functionality

Google has suspended the Trump 2020 campaign app from the Google Play Store for policy violations, the company confirmed, following a report from Android Police which noted the app was unable to load

‘The money is still there,’ says APX managing director Jörg Rheinboldt

APX is an early-stage accelerator in Berlin, but it’s not quite your average accelerator — it’s essentially a joint venture between giant European publishing house Axel Springer and Pors

Google’s Play Store is giving an age-rating finger to Fleksy, a Gboard rival 🖕

Platform power is a helluva a drug. Do a search on Google’s Play Store in Europe and you’ll find the company’s own Gboard app has an age rating of PEGI 3 — aka the pan-European

The cameras are coming

This is the case with Snap’s new Spectacles. Buried deep in the excess of the plastic and PR lies a camera system that tells us a lot about the future of commerce, security and communication. Wi

Google Starts Selling Glass ‘Explorer Edition’ On The Play Devices Store

Google is selling the Glass Explorer Edition on its Play devices store, still for $1,500, with your choice of a free frame or sunglass shade in the mix. The Glass model listed is still very much Googl

Google’s Leaked Play Store Redesign Foregrounds Media And Summaries

Google has a new look for all of Android coming with Android L, the final public release of which should arrive sometime this fall. The latest version sports something called ‘Material Design,&#

Google To Take On Apple’s Game Center Soon, Leaks Suggest

Games dominate the app ecosystem. It's easy to forget that as we all dig for the next app of the moment, but it's the truth. 9 of the 10 highest grossing apps in the App Store last year, all games.

Google Launches Update To Maps API, Which Is Used By 800K Sites, With A Focus On Android Apps

Geolocation is very important for consumers these days, it's a technology that can be used in almost any application you can think of. Whether you want to shop, do volunteer work or meet new people, h

Hands-On With The Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY At E3 2011

Did you hear? I’m a fan of the Xperia Play. Watch the video above and I say it about a billion times. Thanks to the flights to and from E3 (and several boring bar nights at the event), I’v

Play, AOL's Android Music Sharing App, Hits 250,000 Downloads In Three Weeks

<img src=""> When a mobile app gets more than a hundred thousand downloads in its first few weeks, that is usually a good thing. Instag

SoundTracking Sings The Praises Of "Mobile-First" And "From-The-Ground-Up Social"

<img src="" alt="" title="aaaaaddd" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-284788" />Late last week, <a href="

AOL's Mobile-First Group Steps To The Stage With Play, An Instagram For Music

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-283532" title="Screen shot 2011-03-11 at 2.04.37 AM" src="" alt="" />A

MXP4 attempts to push out it's play with music features

<img src="" class="shot2" />[France] <strong>Music site <a href="">Mxp4</a></strong> is pushing out

Danish telco launches preemptive strike against Spotify

<img class="shot" title="tdc-music" src="" alt="tdc-music" width="300" height="267" />[Denmark] Danish telco TDC’s <a href="http