• Scientists make flat ice

    Ice doesn’t get me very excited. I rarely get ice in my beverages because it’s merely “delayed water”. But some scientists have been studying ice, and have created a completely flat sheet of ice only two molecules thick. Apparently ice normally forms in a “puckered” layered formation. Thrilling! All you need is some graphene, platinum, a vacuum, and the… Read More

  • Monsoon HAVA Gold, Platinum Hit Retail

    HAVA Platinum HD Monsoon’s HAVA Gold and HAVA Platinum full-featured video streaming devices are now available through Fry’s Electronics, and other select retailers nationwide. The boxes allow you to view and control your live TV feed from anywhere through a broadband-connected PC or mobile phone (think Slingbox). The HAVA Gold retails for $129.99 while Platinum HD… Read More