• Social Mapping Startup Platial Finds Its Way To The Deadpool

    As Google Maps extends its dominance in the social mapping world, mapping startups are having trouble competing. Platial, a Kleiner Perkins-backed social mapping startup, is heading to the deadpool. Platial, “the people’s atlas,” allowed users to make and share their own maps. Using Google Maps API, Platial let anyone put locations markers over any point on the map… Read More

  • Social Mapping: Game Not Over Yet

    As Google expands their social mapping features, competitors are regrouping and refocusing. Kleiner Perkins backed Platial, headquartered in Portland, is announcing the acquisition of chief competitor Frappr this morning. Frappr co-founder Kun Gao will join Platial as part of the deal. Platial CEO Di-Ann Eisnor says the combined companies will reach 15 million unique users per month and will… Read More

  • Platial to launch multimedia mashup at Where 2.0

    The multimedia and user-generated online atlas service Platial will announce a new live offering called Today Nearby at the Where 2.0 conference starting tomorrow. The new service will combine RSS feeds of news, photos, videos, events and places with Google Maps and Google Earth. Content will be mapped from Reuters, Flickr, Eventful, YouTube and other users’ maps. Updates to locations… Read More