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Plastic Logic Gets "Major" Russian Investment To Build Second Screen Manufacturing Facility

<img src="">Remember <a href="">Plastic Logic</a>? The company th

Good Night, Sweet Que

“We recognize the market has dramatically changed, and with the product delays we have experienced, it no longer make sense for us to move forward with our first generation electronic reading pr

Plastic Logic Que to ship around June 24th

It’s sexy and expensive, like a solid gold lady, but the Que is struggling with the usual first-run production woes. At least we have a shipping date now: June 24th. It’s my favorite of th

Plastic Logic pushes the Que E-Reader launch back to mid-summer

<img src="">Bad news and good news. You can probably guess the bad news if you read the headline. Plastic Logic has officially delayed the

Hands-on with the Plastic Logic Que

<img src="">And we have another ebook reader! This time around it's the Que from Plastic Logic. Just because it's not the <a href="h

Plastic Logic's Que e-reader: One for the businesspeople in the audience (apparently)

<img src="" />Another day, another e-reader. Toady's is the Plastic Logic Que, which is pronounced like the letter that falls between P a

AT&T to power Plastic Logic's eBook reader

This isn’t going to end well. Plastic Logic has just announced that it has partnered with AT&T on its upcoming eBook reader that’s slated to launch in 2010. Said reader will be about the size

Video: Plastic Logic Prototype E-Reader

<img src="" width="215" height="168" /> <a href="">Plastic Logic</a> is showing off a prototype of

Plastic Logic's eReader re-emerges at D with an interface and 3G

<img src="" />It's been more than six months since we've seen hide or hair of the <a href="

More info on Plastic Logic's eReader

I was just talking in the podcast about how much I’d prefer Plastic Logic’s slick eReader as an alternative to the Kindle. Well, my post last month had little more than some announcement i

Video: Plastic Logic's awesome new eReader How pumped am I for this thing? I’m sure they have bugs, kinks, and production problems to work out, but buddy that thing is

Plastic Logic will show off a fancy, new electronic paper device today

She’s on the left Is electronic paper ready to hit the big time? Plastic Logic is set to unveil a version of electronic paper at Demo (a tech trade show in San Diego) today, one that the reeling