Edge Mobile Payments buys what’s left of Plastc in hopes that there’s still life left in smart cards

The death of Plastc back in April looked to many like the final nail in the smart card coffin. After all, the news came only a few months after the space’s other big player, Coin, called it quits. O

Another smart card bites the dust, as Plastc ends operations and leaves pre-orders unfulfilled

Plastc is throwing in the towel today. The smart card maker sent a message to backers (which now also graces the startup’s homepage) announcing that it’s “exploring options” for filing Chapter

The Stratos Card Aims To Unify Credit Cards, And Can Be In Your Pocket Next Month

Yep, here's another card that promises to consolidate all your credit cards into one. But unlike the others, the Stratos Card appears to be worth a longer look. Stratos, the company behind the card, h

Plastc Launches A Coin Competitor As The Smart Card Market Heats Up

Two serial entrepreneurs have launched Plastc, a competitor to the digital smart card Coin, as the market for new payment technologies gets increasingly crowded. The two companies are vying for mar