• Make Your Own Comics With Comiqs

    Singapore based Comiqs gives users the ability to create their own comics with a rich web based editing suite. Sites and services that provide comic generation aren’t new. Comic Life from Plasq (makers of Skitch) would be the best known in the field, and comes installed on new Macs. There’s also no shortage of “add speech bubble” style web editors available as well. Read More

  • Skitch Image Editing/Sharing Tool: A Perfect Blend Of Desktop and Online Application

    Most bloggers, and lots of others, spend a lot of time manipulating images for posts, sharing, etc. Personally, I use Photoshop, which is way more horsepower than I need since I generally just grab, mashup and resize images. But it still works far better, and far faster, than any of the online image editing tools we’ve reviewed. Today I tested a new desktop application, called Skitch… Read More