• Plasma globe music: Not at all like the lilting strains of the lute

    The San Fran band The Bad Hand apparently think whatever squalling coming out of this Spencer’s Gifts plasma ball can be approximately linked to the making of music. While I’m very accepting of all sorts of musical genres, I feel that someone needs to kick this thing hard and fast, thereby releasing the tortured soul of Frank Zappa back into the Outworld. via MusicThing Read More

  • Vizio's got some cheap 'n decent HDTVs for you

    If you’re like me, you’re extremely cheap. And that means you put off buying everything until it’s ridiculously low-priced or used. That means waiting a long time usually, but the payoff is that you get everything those other jokers got, plus more, for a quarter of the price. For instance: this Vizio 32-inch 720p plasma costs $600, exactly a quarter what my parents paid for… Read More

  • Poor economy leads to increase in CRT sales: Plasma, LCD too expensive

    The dreadful economy has led to an increase in the number of inexpensive picture tube TVs sold. Likewise, sales of LCDs and plasmas—”dude check out my flat screen”—have flatlined. I guess people value eating and paying the rent/mortgage more than watching “My Name is Earl” in HD. These numbers come from DisplaySearch, a research outfit that tracks and… Read More

  • Plasma shipments up this year, but you'll have to go abroad to even notice

    Apparently plasma TVs are no longer the “it” girl of the tech world, at least not here in the Shining City on a Hill. Shipments of plasma panels increased by 53 percent Q1 2008 compared to Q1 2007, but you’re not likely to notice unless you’re in China or Latin America, where plasma is more popular than LCD. Why is LCD more popular than plasma here? A big reason is… Read More

  • AT&T wants Panasonic to develop plasma screens for cellphones

    We’ve been waiting for OLED to invade the marketplace, but it hasn’t yet. It will, sure, but Panasonic, with AT&T, have another idea, plasma. Right now you can get a flat-panel HDTV in LCD or plasma, and they each have their strengths and weaknesses (which will be addressed in a future home theater feature), but one thing about plasma is that it’s got more vibrant color… Read More

  • Samsung 3D plasmas now available Remember how we told you Samsung would be bringing their 3D plasma HDTVs this month? Well, the Series 4 sets are now available in stores. The 42-inch PN42A450 is available for $1,199, and the 50-inch PN50A450 is available for $1,699. Yay! Read More

  • Video Review: Jasman's Halo 3 Plasma Pistol and Rifle It’s so rare to actually have actual child-like fun with the gadgets we get in that I had to put together this silly video. The Jasman toys are… Read More

  • Butterfingers? No problem. Butterface? Your call.

    As a Wii owner, I’ve been using the Wii-mote sans wrist strap since the thing snapped within a week of using it. Since then, never have I ever had a problem with accidentally hurtling it into my TV. However, that might be because after reading all the horror stories of Wii-punctured flat panels, I picked up a couple rubberized battery covers for some extra traction. The total out of… Read More

  • Samsung bringing 3D plasmas to market next month

    As usual, Samsung will be the first to bring a 3D plasma HDTV to the US market next month in 42- and 50-inch versions. Most of us at CG have seen a demo of this within the last six months and it’s safe to say how darn cool it is. If and when you decide to purchase one you get the appropriate software and 3D glasses. Don’t fret because you can still watch your 2D moving pictures… Read More

  • CES 2008: Samsung Series 4, Series 5 plasmas now do 3D

    [photopress:PN42A450P_PN50A450P__3.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Samsung Series 4 and Series 5 plasma HDTVs
    Description: Plasma HDTVs with 3D technology
    Price: TBA
    In-store date: March 2008
    Site: Samsung plasma HDTVs
    Why it’s cool: The Series 5 is 1080p, which is not uncool, and both Series make use of Samsung 3D technology. Literally, you put on a special pair of glasses and… Read More

  • Vizio announces 30 HDTV models

    I’m going to save you the shenenigans and snark by just pasting what Vizio sent us. Essentially, they’ve got 32-inch plasmas for $689 and 50-inchers for $1,399 — 1080p, naturally — and a few new surround sound systems and LCDs. They have a new LCD line called Envy which is a little sexier than the standard line. We’ll hit the booth tomorrow to see what is really… Read More

  • In the age of big screen plasmas, do you still go to the movie theaters?

    Who bothers going to the movie theaters anymore in the age of 60-inch plasmas and Dolby TrueHD? I ask because Peter and I just had a brief to-do in the chat room: I saw the “I am Legend” DVD screener last night (if you’re reading CrunchGear, I assume you know where to find it), which shocked Mr. Ha. Wouldn’t you rather see it in the theater?, he asked. No. No I would not. Read More

  • The Futurist: Why Vizio Is Now The #1 Flat Panel Maker In The US

    Quick question: As of today, which company is the top-selling flat panel HDTV brand in the US? Sony? Nope — your Bravia may be nice, but it’s not number one. Panasonic? Nah. And nope, it’s not Sharp, LG, Samsung, or Philips either. The answer: Vizio.
    A company that didn’t exist 4 years ago and, unlike all of the companies above, is actually based in the United… Read More

  • LG Adds 50-inch 1080p Plasma To Opus Line

    Debuting last night in NYC at famed auction house Christie’s, was the 50-inch Opus 1080p plasma TV. The 50-inch, 50PY3D, plasma is chock-full of helpful features like Simple Link connectivity that lets you control other Simple Link devices from one remote. The fun doesn’t end there because the Opus line includes three HDMI inputs, a USB media hub, integrated ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuners… Read More

  • Wireless Plasma TV for Easy Wall Mounting

    A wireless plasma TV? Now I’ve seen it all. In actuality, I have not seen it all but this is the kind of innovation that makes a jaded old gadgeteur like me go from slouching to sitting almost upright in my chair. The Samsung 94 Series plasma TVs feature a power cord and nothing else, enticing you to take the bullet train to Wall Mount Junction. A built-in 802.11n connection… Read More

  • LG Cuts Plasma TV Production, Focuses On Smaller Sizes

    There’s something rotten in the state of LG. It seems the Korean manufacturer is having some trouble offloading its plasma TVs, with sales last February down some $35 million compared to the previous year. To be fair, it does appear to be a general trend in the TV industry, with LCDs being cheaper to produce at larger and larger sizes. (It used to be that LCDs larger than 42 inches… Read More

  • HP Shipping LCD and Plasmas on the Cheap

    The HP TVs we saw back at CES are finally shipping and it’s a good thing because I’m actually looking for a new HDTV and HP has a 1080p LCD TV in the line-up. Sweet. A nice mix of 720p and 1080p is being offered at reasonable prices and most come with three HDMI ports. You can’t really ask for much more at the prices they’re being sold for. Read More

  • Lightascope Makes Your Plasma Look Pretty

    Now that flat-screen TVs are popping up everywhere, it makes sense to take advantage of them to the fullest. After all, you might not be watching that much television, but you did plunk down three grand for the set. Might as well put it to good use. With Lightascope, you can turn your high-def plasma or LCD TV into tripped out visuals for parties a beautiful work of art. It slides over the… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Evening Entertainment Edition

    The Life Acquatic: Swimming with Sound
    Subtitling Glasses Put the Text Where It Belongs
    Plasma Lift: Hey Honey! What TV?
    Wine That Loves: No More Guessing What Wine Goes With What Food
    Fitness by Crunchgear 2007 Read More

  • Panasonic Adds 42-inch 1080p Set to 2007 Plasma Line

    Like I mentioned, Panasonic visited Gotham yesterday to show off its plasma TV lineup for the year, including its first 42-inch 1080p model that’ll be available in June for $2,500. (Wow, run-on sentence alert.) Panasonic displayed many of these plasmas at CES earlier in the year, but it doesn’t hurt to get some one-on-one time with them without throngs of people pushing up against me. Read More