FDA warning brings controversial young blood transfusion company to a halt

On Tuesday, the FDA issued a warning to anyone who might be inclined to give their old bones a jolt with fresh blood harvested from the young. The idea is pretty far from mainstream, even in Silicon V

Panasonic To Start Selling 103-Inch 3D Display For $100,000

<img src="" /> Are you a fan of big displays, and maybe 3D? And do you happen to have $100,000 to spare? Then the TH-P103MT2 might b

Panasonic Japan announces two 3D plasma TVs

<img src="" /> And yet another <a href="">3D</a> news item from Japan. This time, it's Panasonic,

Kansai Airport now home to the world's largest curved plasma

<img src="">That right there? Yeah, it's the world's largest curved plasma screen. Betcha you didn't even know that plasma screen

Hitachi Japan rolls out 11 new plasma and LCD TVs

<img src="" /> <a href="">Last week</a>

This hand sanitzer uses plasma, for cleaning

<img src="" />The New York Times highlights the development of a new type of hand sanitizer, primarily developed for hospitals, that uses

Dentists to replace drills with plasma jets

<img src="" />I can't believe how great this idea sounds. Instead of using the old-school (as in patented in 1887) drill

Panasonic to sell plasma TVs with 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio

<img src="" /> Panasonic still believes in plasma. The company, which <a href="

The World Spent $112 Billion On 205 Million TVs This Year: 69 Percent Were LCD TVs.

<img src="" width="215" height="161" /> LCD TVs have taken over the world. Market research firm <a href="http://www.dis

Hitachi announces 5 full HD TVs with built-in 500GB HDD

<img src="" /> There is a clear trend in Japan, where all the relevant new TVs come from, and that's building devic

Panasonic develops 85-inch full HD plasma TV

<img src="" /> Even though LCD is clearly the dominant technology in the TV market, Panasonic still believes in the me

Panasonic Japan announces new VIERAs with built-in HDDs

<img src="" /> <a href="">Panasonic la

Giant plasma TV big enough to show life-size images of people

<img src="" /> Japan-based <a href="">Shinoda Plasma</a> [JP] has developed a plasma TV that's 2 meters t

Vizio 50-inch plasma TV for $799, free shipping

<img src="">Yama hama, here’s a pretty sweet deal on a gigantic plasma TV. Vizio is selling its 50-inch P50 model for $799 wit

Banged in the Olufsen: Tough times call for a $136,220 plasma TV

<img src="">If you have a lot of disposable income or you work for AIG and need a way to spend that sweet, sweet bonus check for all y

Blu-ray and flat-panels sales are increasing in Japan

<img src="">Shocker of the day, folks: modern A/V technology is selling well in Japan. DfK Marketing Services Japan just announced

Panasonic's sexy Z1 plasma gets a price

Love ’em or hate ’em, thin TVs are hot and Panasonic’s flagship plasma finally got a price and it’s ’bout right.

LG denies plasma TV withdraw claims

<img src="">News broke yesterday that LG <a href="">was inv

LG might drop plasma TVs too

<img src="">When can we call plasma officially dead cause the flat screen tech doesn't have much going for it anymore? <a href="http

Plasma: She is dying

<img src=""><a href="">Plasma</a> TVs are quickly becoming an extinct breed. There was once a tim
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