• Panasonic To Start Selling 103-Inch 3D Display For $100,000

    Are you a fan of big displays, and maybe 3D? And do you happen to have $100,000 to spare? Then the TH-P103MT2 might be something for you, a 103-inch plasma screen Panasonic announced [JP] today for the Japanese market (yes, for that price). It’s based on a 103-inch TV showed back in 2008 (the TH-103PZ800), but this new model comes with 3D on board. Read More

  • Panasonic Japan announces two 3D plasma TVs

    And yet another 3D news item from Japan. This time, it’s Panasonic, which today announced [JP] two new 3D plasma TVs, the 42-inch TH-P42VT2, and the 46-inch TH-P46VT2. Both VIERAs require active shutter glasses to view images in 3D and both feature full HD resolution. Read More

  • Kansai Airport now home to the world's largest curved plasma

    That right there? Yeah, it’s the world’s largest curved plasma screen. Betcha you didn’t even know that plasma screens could be anything but flat. I didn’t. This fine screen measures 200-inches and was unveiled yesterday in Japan’s Kansai International Airport Departure Area to clearly remind travelers that no matter where they go, no place does technology like Japan. Read More

  • Hitachi Japan rolls out 11 new plasma and LCD TVs

    Last week it was Sony, and today it was Hitachi announcing [JP] a flood of new flat-screen TVs for the Japanese market. Hitachi does sell TVs outside this country, too, so chances are the four plasmas and seven LCDs find their way into other markets as well. (Some models will be offered in different colors, which is why you see more than 11 TVs in the picture above.) The company has divided… Read More

  • This hand sanitzer uses plasma, for cleaning

    The New York Times highlights the development of a new type of hand sanitizer, primarily developed for hospitals, that uses plasma to zap your hands clean. It’s cheap, too, costing around $100 to build, so maybe they’ll find their way into the crippled U.S. health-care system one day? Read More

  • Dentists to replace drills with plasma jets

    I can’t believe how great this idea sounds. Instead of using the old-school (as in patented in 1887) drill technology to remove cavities, researchers are developing a method of using something called cold plasma to destroy the bacteria. I love the idea because I absolutely hate the sound of that damnable drill. Read More

  • Panasonic to sell plasma TVs with 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio

    Panasonic still believes in plasma. The company, which owns the biggest plasma panel plant in the world and is the global leader in this segment, today announced [JP] the VIERA G2 series, which consists of a total of three new plasma TVs. And as Panasonic sells these devices in the US, too, chances are the new line-up will find its way outside Japan in the future as well. Read More

  • The World Spent $112 Billion On 205 Million TVs This Year: 69 Percent Were LCD TVs.

    LCD TVs have taken over the world. Market research firm DisplaySearch estimates in a new report that of the 205 million total TVs shipped in 2009, 140.5 million, or 69 percent, were LCD TVs (the rest were plasma and CRTs). In 2010, that percentage is forecast to rise to 78 percent for LCD TVs, when total shipments will rise to 218 million. Total TV shipments have actually been on the… Read More

  • Hitachi announces 5 full HD TVs with built-in 500GB HDD

    There is a clear trend in Japan, where all the relevant new TVs come from, and that’s building devices to store programs into the hardware itself, i.e. HDDs or Blu-ray recorders. Mitsubishi appears to be especially radical in this respect, announcing a TV with both a built-in Blu-ray recorder and HDD just last week. And today Hitachi followed up by adding a total of two new LCDs and… Read More

  • Panasonic develops 85-inch full HD plasma TV

    Even though LCD is clearly the dominant technology in the TV market, Panasonic still believes in the merits of plasma displays. The company currently showcases a new 85-inch monster plasma TV [JP] at the InfoComm in Orlando, Florida (the screen size is equal to that of four 42-inchers combined). Read More

  • Panasonic Japan announces new VIERAs with built-in HDDs

    Panasonic launched the VIERA R Series today in Japan [JP], consisting of a total of seven new plasma and LCD TVs. The first TVs of the series will be available over here starting July 1, with Panasonic not yet saying anything about sales in overseas markets. Read More

  • Giant plasma TV big enough to show life-size images of people

    Japan-based Shinoda Plasma [JP] has developed a plasma TV that’s 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide (145 inches), which is quite obviously able to show life-size images of (most) people. The spectacular display will be sold as part of digital signage or teleconference systems. Read More

  • Vizio 50-inch plasma TV for $799, free shipping

    Yama hama, here’s a pretty sweet deal on a gigantic plasma TV. Vizio is selling its 50-inch P50 model for $799 with free shipping until April 15th (or until they sell out). Read More

  • Banged in the Olufsen: Tough times call for a $136,220 plasma TV

    If you have a lot of disposable income or you work for AIG and need a way to spend that sweet, sweet bonus check for all your hard work, might I suggest the 103-inch BeoVision 4-103 plasma TV from Bang & Olufsen at just under $140,000? Read More

  • Blu-ray and flat-panels sales are increasing in Japan

    Shocker of the day, folks: modern A/V technology is selling well in Japan. DfK Marketing Services Japan just announced the results of a 2008 study which concluded that the Blu-ray format and flat-panel TVs are seeing sales numbers increasing. Actually, it’s impressive as the country is experience an economic slow down similar to ours here in the States. Read More

  • Panasonic's sexy Z1 plasma gets a price

    Love ’em or hate ’em, thin TVs are hot and Panasonic’s flagship plasma finally got a price and it’s ’bout right. Read More

  • LG denies plasma TV withdraw claims

    News broke yesterday that LG was investigating quitting the plasma biz, but now George Mead, the Marketing Manager for Digital Displays at LG Electronics UK, is denying these claims. He told T3 that “LG Electronics UK has no intention to withdraw from the Plasma TV market.” Oh, see what he did there? LG Electronics UK. Nice, but what ’bout us Americans? Read More

  • LG might drop plasma TVs too

    When can we call plasma officially dead cause the flat screen tech doesn’t have much going for it anymore? Pioneer and VIZIO just announced they are getting out of the market and now LG is contemplating the same thing. Read More

  • Plasma: She is dying

    Plasma TVs are quickly becoming an extinct breed. There was once a time when plasma was the only large flat screen option available but not anymore. LCD has seemingly taken over most of plasma’s territory and currently there are only three plasma manufacturers still out there. It’s sad cause plasma TVs can and do produce a better picture than LCDs. (flame away in the comments, I )… Read More

  • Vizio is done with plasma TVs, has the world gone mad?

    Vizio, a long time favorite brand of bargain hunters and geeks alike, has stopped slapping their logo on plasma TVs. Plus, there is no plan to order more once the current inventory runs outs. The cut is, of course, due to plamsa’s poor sales in comparison to the companies LCD sales. Which is, of course, due to poor consumer information and as bright as the sun’s surface showrooms. Read More

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