plant-based protein

Heura adds ‘York ham style slices’ to its 100% plant-based vegan mix

Barcelona-based Heura, a disrupter in the plant-based protein space since 2017, has a product hitting shelves shortly in Spain and France that it reckons will have the most committed meat eaters sitti

Planetarians grabs $6M to get its plant-based protein into foodservice orbit

Planetarians' plant-based whole cuts of protein have a umami-like flavor and are made with two ingredients: the oil cakes and brewer's yeast.

Project Eaden’s fiber technology poised to spin threads into whole cuts of ‘meat’

Project Eaden produces edible plant-based protein fibers, similar to those already being used to create textiles, that mimic the texture and appearance of animal-based meats.

Heura tucks into $20M funding chunk for its plant-based proteins ahead of beefier B round next year

What’s going on with demand for plant-based meat? If you take a look at Barcelona-based Heura the picture seems rosy — with the alt-protein startup claiming “non-stop” momentum