• Crunch Report | This Black Friday could be the biggest ever for mobile and we found a new planet

    Today’s Stories  This Black Friday could be the biggest ever for mobile shopping Amazon blames the postal service for Amazon Fresh delivery issues Scientists found a new Earth-sized planet nearby Credits Written by: Sarah Buhr
    Hosted by: Sarah Buhr
    Filmed by: Joe Zolnoski
    Edited by: John Murillo Notes: Tito’s continues his journey out in the Outback this week so… Read More

  • Microsoft's 'Worldwide Telescope' now available

    Joining Google Sky and Stellarium is Microsoft’s entrant to the stars, Worldwide Telescope. I’ve been dinking around with it for about a half hour and it’s pretty cool. Check it out (Windows only) if you’re an outer space dork — it includes a bunch of guided tours from astronomers. I liked the “many worlds” tour, which started with some west coast… Read More

  • Fifth new planet discovered in 'cousin-like' solar system Artist rendering of the newly found planet in the 55 Cancri star system. After 18 years of observation, scientists were able to confirm today the existence of a new planet in a “distant star system that that now looks like a ‘cousin’ to our own.” The solar system is called 55 Cancri and is roughly 41 light-years away near the Cancer constellation. The… Read More

  • WWDC Banners Reveal Secrets

    Some crafty photographer over at Roughly Drafted managed to get some key shots inside the WWDC conference before it’s even started. Inside, there are some banners that say “Welcome to WWDC07 Expand your universe.” and “Mac OS X Leopard Rocket fuel for your apps.” Clearly this means that OS X Leopard will be the star of this year’s WWDC. In addition to… Read More

  • The $100 Million Telescope

    When countries like the UK and USA unite for science, the opportunity for discovery doubles. A new $100 million telescope is now a joint project between the two countries with plans for a 2013 completion date. This new 25-meter, infrared telescope will be placed in the Atacama region of the Chilean desert for discovering plenty of new things in the sky with a two-part method. From the… Read More