Autonomous flight startup Merlin Labs nabs $105M and US Air Force partnership

Autonomous flight is a grand challenge in aviation — and a gold mine. The first company to crack it at scale stands to reap handsome profits from transportation and logistics alone. In 2020, the siz

Amazon Air expands with 10 more cargo aircraft, bringing fleet to 50 planes

Days after FedEx CEO Frederick Smith dismissed the Amazon threat to its business during the company’s earnings call, Amazon announced an expansion of its two-year-old Amazon Air operation, whic

Access codes for United cockpit doors accidentally posted online

United Continental Holdings alerted pilots that access codes to cockpit doors were accidentally posted on a public website by a flight attendant, reports the Wall Street Journal. The company, which ow

Crunch Report | Kickstarter Acquires Huzza

Kickstarter acquires video streaming company Huzza, Amazon is planning to build a $1.5 billion air cargo hub and MIT creates a robot with a soft touch. All this on Crunch Report.

Come hear GoEuro’s CEO talk trains, planes and automobiles at Disrupt London

Travel and transportation have always been major focus points for the tech world. Why? Because people will always want to get from points A to B, and to do it faster and cheaper than before. GoEuro &

Aerial imagery service TerrAvion adds data services

There has been a lot of hype around using drones in precision agriculture, but for the time being, using regular planes outfitted with specialized cameras is still a more cost-effective way to cover w

AirPooler Is Lyft For Private Planes

Pilots want to fly, but it's expensive. People want to travel but it's a hassle. AirPooler brings them together on its site where pilots can sell empty seats on private plane flights. This bootstrappe

Skyhook Introduces In-Flight Location Services, Promises Better Battery Life For Background Apps

<a target="_blank" href="">Skyhook</a>, the company that once powered Apple's iOS location services and that pioneered <a target="_blank" href="http://www.skyhookwireles

Boeing 747-8: The Largest Airliner Boeing Has Ever Built

<img src="" />A few days ago, we <a href="

CrunchDeals: One plane in salvage condition, small bird strike to the engines, some water damage.

That’s right: you can own the plane that “Sully” Sullenberger dropped ever-so-gently into the Hudson on January 15, 2009, a little over a year ago. It looks like it’s still in

Carbon fiber used in wings of new Airbus A400M

Owners of super-light laptops can appreciate the miracle of carbon fiber, a strong but light material being used more and more in high-end notebooks. Airbus is now using the same carbon fiber material

Delta gets probably the most expensive flight simulator on the planet

Does that thing look cool or what? I’d like one for playing games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil — total isolation, total darkness. Plus, no one would hear me scream and weep, unlike a

A peacetime UAV application: investigating hurricanes

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are in use all over the world for many things, but most famously for their role in warfare. Fantasy abounds and people picture UAVs or “drones” sweeping Iraq in fo

Video: Dusseldorf to Hannover in an animal cracker box with wings

[photopress:p398.jpg,full,pp_image] Me: Biggs, how was the flight? Biggs: Felt like Richie Valens. We’re taking the f’ing train back to Dusseldorf. Me: I’m not getting back in that a

CrunchDeals: Discount flights on Virgin America

Airline fares? Yeah, I’m telling you about discount fares on Virgin America because it’s the geekiest domestic airline out there right now. No need to use SeatGuru to find out which seats

Southwest Airlines eyeing in-flight wireless access

Why should American Airlines and Jet Blue have all the fun? Southwest is getting set to test in-flight Internet access as well. It’ll partner with Row 44, offering satellite-based access on four

Nintendo DS Demos at An Airport Near You

I need to book my next flight ASAP. Nintendo is getting ready to test out ‘download stations’ at the international airports in New York (JFK: Terminals 2 and 3), Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson) and C

International, Jet-setting Playboy? Use Flyclear

For those of us who fly frequently, we know that going through the security checkpoints over and over is a pain in the ass and a huge hassle for geeks due to our abundance of electronics on hand. Well