PLAiR 2 Launches To Take On Chromecast With Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify, And Pandora Apps For $49

What do you do when your startup launches a product in a nascent category and then a behemoth like Google enters the space and validates it? And eats your lunch in the process? If you're video-stream

PLAiR Adds AirPlay-Like Functionality To Any HDTV For $99, Now Available For Sale

PLAiR is a sub-$100, dolphin-shaped dongle for streaming online video to your TV screen, either from a computer or any mobile device. The idea is to enable anyone to experience AirPlay-like functional

PLAiR Is A Sub-$100, Dolphin Fin-Shaped USB Dongle For Streaming Online Video To Your TV

Hey guys! So remember when yesterday, I wrote about some <a href="">awesome new startup that raised some money but didn't want to talk about the product it