Placemeter’s urban intelligence platform gets smarter

Placemeter helps businesses and municipalities measure what’s happening in front of their stores, on their streets and in their parks. In its first iteration, the service, which relies on real-t

Placemeter’s New Sensor Helps Business Owners Measure Traffic In Front Of Their Stores

Placemeter, the “urban intelligence platform” that launched earlier this year, wants to help businesses measure how many people walk past — and into — their stores. The company

Placemeter Uses Computer Vision To Help Businesses And Cities Measure Vehicle And Pedestrian Traffic

If you own a business, you probably want to know how many people walk into your stores. If you’re a city, you may want to know how many people use a given sidewalk or drive down a certain street

TC’s Picks From TechStars NY Summer 2013 Class

We're here at the TechStars 2013 Summer class Demo Day, and the graduates are nothing short of delightful, from a service that helps church congregations make donations to a Fitbit for cars to a servi